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LOGO E-business Technologies Company Blog Luisana Milazzo.

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1 LOGO E-business Technologies Company Blog Luisana Milazzo

2 Introduction Blogging web log Blog$100 million 1997199920042005 Jorn Barger Mainstream Internet users. Merriam- Webster “Word of the Year.” Blog ads are sold  Open line of communication by posting a comment

3 Contents Company Blog Definition Blog Stats Purpose of Company Blogging The Risks of Company Blogging Benefits Platforms Blog Money

4 Links to other sources Links to that article/post Links to that article/post Posting content Company and contact info Company and contact info Ability to track events Ability to track events Company name Company name Posts stored for future reference Images Ability to track links to that post Distribute via RSS




8 Forum is a collective drawing - mess of lines Blog is a painting untouched but commented upon Forum Vs Blogs

9 Blog Stats  Article written by Tom Regan of The Christian Science Monitor called Blogs now have a world of influence  Read a report by the founder of Technorati, David Sifry  A new blog is created every second.  37 million blogs as of May 1, 2006  39.6 million as of May 14,2006  Blogosphere doubles in size every 6 months  60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago  1.2 million postings each day (50,000 per hour)  Japanese is the most popular language of the blogosphere, not English  37% Japanese, 31% English, 15% is Chinese

10 Purpose of Company Blogging  Who should blog? Who is our target reader?  What are we blogging about? What benefits do we expect? What needs to be restricted?  Where will blogging appear -- on individual blogs, an internal site, or a public website?  When will bloggers do the work, and when will the company see results?  Why are we doing this?

11 Purpose of Company Blogging Product announcements Corporate and industry news Common practice for technology companies Succes company leader Purposes Tell the news Insight into the process All about the personality

12 The Risks of Company Blogging Risks Bad information being disseminated Trade secrets being leaked Negative response

13 Tangible Benefits  Deliver news faster  Gain reader response  Increase traffic  Increase search engine positioning  Position the business as an industry thought leader  Give the company a personality Intangible Benefits




17 Money Blog Amazon sells on your blog. 4 % -8.5% sales price Google AdSense Amazon Associates http://affiliate- Description Link  Sure things or the few ways of making money in your blog Ads relevant to the contents of your blog are served https://www. adsense/.

18 Conclusion  A corporate blog is a blog published by or with the support of an organization to reach that organization's goals.  As of late 2006, about 8 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are blogging in some capacity, and this number is only growing.  It is in the best interests of businesses that they look into using company blogs in order to market and inform about products and services, or even offer information to the public about the company itself.  Blogs had advantages over other, older ways of communicating such as e-mail and websites.  The success of a business blog depends on several key factors:  The content and goals of the site need to be well-planned, focused, and consistent.  The implementation needs to be technically sound with a means for readers to provide public-facing feedback.  The interaction between writer and reader needs to be encouraged, nurtured, and moderated.  Blogs are good for business, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has said.

19 References  Examiner~y2009m6d20-Ten-reasons-to-start-a-blog-for- your-business       blog-short-definition.asp 


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