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Joint Degrees for Europe David Crosier, EUA. …2… For more information on EUA and its activities Visit us at Stand 6 or consult our website

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1 Joint Degrees for Europe David Crosier, EUA

2 …2… For more information on EUA and its activities Visit us at Stand 6 or consult our website

3 …3… PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Background to EUA’s Joint Masters project Project overview – selection & methodology Project outcomes Proposals on key issues

4 …4… Project background: EUA interest in Joint Masters  To learn about “European dimension” in action  To improve inter-university cooperation since JM require:  transparency and agreement on degree structures  student and professor mobility  joint curriculum development  proper use of ECTS  Language policy

5 …5… Background Research Before 2002, little research into actual joint programmes & masters degrees in Europe EUA Survey on Master Degrees and Joint Degrees in Europe, Christian Tauch and Andrejs Rauhvargers (Sept 2002) diversity of Master degree structures legal recognition difficulties for joint degrees Bilateral programmes more frequent than joint programmes Joint programmes more common at Master and Doctoral levels

6 …6… EUA Joint Masters Project 11 existing programmes selected by independent panel (July 2002) Programmes demonstrate innovation, cover a wide geographical spread, offer disciplinary variety Over 100 universities involved Networks vary from 4 - 31 institutions

7 …7… 11 Selected Networks  European Urban Culture  European Construction Engineering  International Trade/ European Integration  Euroculture  International Humanitarian Assistance  International management  Interdisciplinary Law and Economics  Labour Studies  International Health/ Tropical Medicine  Water and Coastal Management  Comparative European Social Studies

8 …8… Goals of the Project Demonstrate and disseminate good practice to all interested universities Formulate recommendations for future joint programmes, and to help ensure sustainability of existing programmes Indicate structural changes needed in Europe/institutions to make Joint Masters a permanent feature of the EHEA

9 …9… Project Themes Quality Assurance and Recognition Student Experience and Mobility Course Integration and Sustainability

10 …10… Project Methodology Self – evaluation within programmes Qualitative Research Project Inter-Network Meeting EUA Cluj Conference, October 2003 (first presentation of findings)

11 …11… Project Findings: Who benefits? Students: expansion of minds & opportunities Academics: development of research & teaching networks Institutions: enhance reputation & institutional cooperation Europe: respond to professional development needs; European citizenship & inter-cultural understanding; global recognition of European strengths

12 …12… Challenges for Europe: definitions and structures Variety of course structures – linked to subject/student numbers/research/institutional capacity/priorities etc - & no desire for standardisation / European model Length of Master degrees (tendency in this group 60-75 ECTS) Purpose of Master degrees (self-standing vs integrated; academic vs professional) On-going recognition barriers – progress in European legislation, but national legislation barriers remain Quality assurance for trans-national programmes

13 …13… Challenges for Europe II: funding and compatibility Incompatible national funding frameworks – tuition fees, portability of grants/loans; social security and pension transferability etc Distribution of limited resources across institutions in differing socio-economic contexts Programme sustainability and development in a competitive environment

14 …14… Challenges for Europe III: academic coherence Decentralised admission – variable entrance criteria Articulation with Bachelor and PhD programmes Impact on research? (No assessment) Language of instruction: is one language sufficient? Common standards - ECTS not used consistently Grading & assessment: difficult to coordinate Diploma Supplement – not yet used

15 …15… Challenges for Europe IV: access & elitism  Programmes tend to attract élite affluent students  Lack of support for non-traditional students – funding, child-care, needs of disabled etc  geographical exclusion : especially South East and Central and Eastern Europe  How to mainstream joint programmes – need for institutional anchoring  Would it be more effective to promote other forms of mobility in an era of mass higher education, such as taking master degree in foreign institution

16 …16… Cluj Conference Outcomes Greater funding incentives for institutions are required (EM not sufficient) Interest from CEE in joint degrees with Western European universities for curriculum development/modernisation - but particular funding support needed Need for targeted funding for students with low socio- economic status within Europe (especially CEE) Institutional policy/strategy – crucial dimension for long- term success Recommendation to EUA to work upon trans-national quality assurance / recognition

17 …17… 10 Golden Rules for new Joint Master Programmes 1Know why you are setting up the programme 2Choose partners carefully 3Develop programme goals & desired learning outcomes with all partners 4Ensure that institutions (not just academic colleagues) fully support programme 5Ensure sufficient academic & administrative staff resources are involved

18 …18… 10 Golden Rules for new Joint Master Programmes 6Ensure that there is a sustainable funding strategy for network as a whole 7Make sure information is easily accessible and reliable to all potential students 8Organise sufficient planning meetings (cost in) 9Agree upon language policy, & encourage local language learning 10Allocate responsibilities across the network in a clear & transparent manner

19 …19… Further information Joint Masters Project report: publication available (downloadable free of charge from EUA website – EUA ContactsDavid Crosier & Kate Geddie

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