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Alfie Kohn Classroom Management EDUC 360

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1 Alfie Kohn Classroom Management EDUC 360
Beyond Discipline Alfie Kohn Classroom Management EDUC 360

2 Beyond Discipline operates under the premise:
Students are responsible for their own behavior Students are capable of controlling their own behavior

3 Beyond discipline looks like
A student-directed management style Teachers allowing students to experience natural consequences Absence of physical or psychological punishments

4 Beyond discipline Does not promote removing student with misbehavior from the classroom Creates a unconditional community Designs classroom as a safe place

5 Beyond discipline Promotes creating a sense of belonging
Teaches unconditionally Has high expectations with unconditional acceptance Sees student separate from behavior

6 Kohn promotes… Working with children to encourage their social and moral development which means…

7 Utilizing children’s need…
To be able to make their own decisions To belong To learn and apply learning

8 So focus on… Learning Classroom environment Set of values vs rules
Natural curiosity and need to learn

9 Community environment has
No competition No rewards Words of encouragement Respect Sense of belonging Class meetings

10 When misbehavior happens…
Focus on curriculum What is the purpose of the task? Is the learner constructing new information?

11 Emphasize a curriculum based on
Students’ affinities Opportunities to construct new knowledge Working with peers Group projects Multiple learning styles

12 Remember students are…
Compassionate Sympathetic Courteous Curious Constructivists creating their own knowledge

13 Go to this website and read…
Following your reading go to our discussion board on Blackboard and share your opinion of text that impacted your thinking about Beyond Discipline and classroom management.

14 Second trip to discussion board…
Read responses made by classmates and respond to one or more giving feedback to their responses.

15 Write a reflection of Beyond Discipline and put in digital drop
Ideas and suggestions you find appealing and compatible with your personality and philosophy Ideas and suggestions with which you disagree Your appraisal of the model its practicality and ease of implementation

16 References Charles, C. (2005). Building classroom discipline (8th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, INC. Levin, J. & Nolan, J. (2007). Principles of classroom management: A professional decision-making model (5th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, INC. Manning, M. & Bucher, K. (2007). Classroom management models, applications, and cases (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NY: Pearson Education, INC.

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