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Interactive Visual System By Arthur Evans, John Sikorski, and Patricia Thomas.

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1 Interactive Visual System By Arthur Evans, John Sikorski, and Patricia Thomas

2 The Client Graduate student and professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Implemented CAVIAR on a desktop PC Interested in a mobile version


4 The Idea Image recognition is difficult Humans excel at segmentation Computers excel at large scale memory and calculations Combine the two for optimal performance  Faster than a layperson and more accurate than a fully automatic system

5 Requirements Demonstrate user interaction with an image on a handheld computer. Allow for three methods of user interaction  Pointing to image  Outline part of image  User response to queries Top three matches must be displayed with target image. Create a log file to log user actions and time.

6 Hardware

7 Our Handheld Criteria Must run java Must take a camera attachment Must take a wireless LAN card

8 Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) PDA’s run Personal Information Management (PIM) software.  Address books  Calendars Limited computational power. Examples:  Palm Pilot  Handspring Visor

9 Handheld Computers Extensive computational power. Designed as portable computers. Fill the gap between desktop/laptop PC’s and PDA’s. Examples:  Compaq Ipaq series  Sharp Zaurus

10 Hardware Selection Sharp Zaurus SL-5500  200 MHz Intel StrongArm processor  64 MB memory  1 Compact Flash port and 1 SD port Sharp CE-AG06 camera attachment  Plugs into Compact Flash port Linksys wireless LAN card (WCF11)  802.11b  Plugs into Compact Flash port

11 Design

12 Data Flow Diagram Handheld Camera PDA Stylus Pad User commands and data Photo of flower PDA screen display Server/Pattern Recognition Software FlowerData object Encapsulate Flower Image & results of user interaction into flowerData object Transmit flowerData Object to Remote Server Load user selected photo Store image as local file Transmit receive confirmation back to user Transmit classification decision to user

13 Package Structure GUI – implemented with AWT  MainGUI class provides layout for panels  Each ‘action’ implemented as a class that extends java.awt.Panel  Additional supporting classes Data  FlowerData class encapsulates image and data to send to server.  FlowerMatch class encapsulates image matches from recognition engine.  Additional supporting classes Remote - access recognition engine via RMI  Well defined protocol  Modular design  Consists of several server and client side classes

14 Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Recent specification Provides Java functionality to a broad range of devices Uses concept of Configurations and Profiles

15 Basic J2ME Architecture Operating System Java Virtual Machine Configuration Profile

16 Configurations Tied to JVM on a low level Consider memory, processor, display and connectivity Currently 2 are defined  Connected, Limited Device Protocol (CLDC)  Connected Device Protocol (CDC)

17 Profiles Sits on top of a Configuration Provides implementation API Currently 2 are defined:  Mobile Information Device Protocol (MIDP) Typically implemented on PDA’s and cellular phones  Personal Profile Targets high end handheld Reference implementation available for the Zaurus

18 Personal Java Implementation by Insignia Systems – Jeode Not a J2ME specification Based on JDK 1.1.8 Implements most Personal Profile specifications

19 Summary Successfully demonstrated user interaction on a handheld Wireless connection to server Created structure for IVS application  Easily extendible  Identify different objects by changing database and data points Exceeds client expectations

20 Next Semester Add pattern recognition  Call C++ code with JNI?  Rewrite in java? Add segmentation  Automatic  User interaction

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