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Charlotte’s web by E.B White

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1 Charlotte’s web by E.B White
Present by Tina What would happen if a spider could weave not only webs, but words…..

2 Introduction This book is about a pig named Wilbur, who had a friendship with a girl named Fern. when Wilbur got older he went away to live in a barn on a farm. In the barn, Wilbur meets a spider named Charlotte. Together they have lots of adventures. . .

3 Main characters Charlotte --A beautiful large gray spider who makes her efforts to save her friend’s life Wilbur-- A lovable pig who lives in the barn Fern-- A little girl in this story who ever save Wilbur from slaughter Templeton-- A rat who like to collect things Goose & old sheep--Animals who live in the barn Lurvy & Mr. Zuckerman--people who feed Wilbur

4 Plot summary This is the story of a kindhearted girl named Fern who saves the life a lucky pig named Wilbur. It is also the story of Charlotte, the beautiful, gray spider who lives with Wilbur in the Barn and who becomes his best friend. Wilbur enjoys each new day -- until the old sheep tells him what farmers do to pigs at Christmas. Suddenly Wilbur is terribly afraid, but Charlotte promises to spin a clever plan to save her friend. And with the help of Templeton the rat, she does...

5 Main theme Love and friendship

6 Reflection Every creature should be respected and cherished. We can’t help being born small, short or ugly…etc. Every one has it’s own characteristic. Nobody can replace it. People without friends is just world without sunshine. We should cherish the friendship around our surrounding. Image from:

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