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Team Monte Cristo Joseph Carrafa Sharon Clark Scott Hassett Alex Mason The Deep Fried Game Station.

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1 Team Monte Cristo Joseph Carrafa Sharon Clark Scott Hassett Alex Mason The Deep Fried Game Station

2 Table of Contents Introduction System Overview Features Hardware Software Implementation Deadlines Schedule Division of Labor Risks and Issues Contingency Plans Possible Expansion Parts List Cost/Expense Estimates ROI Marketability Conclusion

3 Introduction Purpose Prototype an arcade style game station capable of running a video game Provide audio-video output (video via Composite Video) Accept user input via button presses Program Pong as the demonstrable video game for the game station Goals To meet all Engineering Development Milestones. To maximize ROI by minimizing development and production costs. To deliver a working prototype with accompanying documentation by December 4.

4 Features Video Game Station  Capable of running any comparably sized video game Separate Unit to Process Video & Audio  Responsible for screen image generation 8 Button Controller  4 Directions, 4 Action Buttons TV Connectable  Outputs the Game on any TV Pong  The Childhood favorite is back to stay

5 Hardware MC68000 4MB RAM Xilinx FPGA 10Mhz Clock Reset Switch Serial Port EPROM 2 D/A Converters Programmable Interrupt Controller 8 Button Controller

6 System Overview Data Bus MC68000 FPGA MC68000 4MB RAM PIC Composite Video Serial Port EPROM D/A Converters Analog Audio 8 Button Controller

7 Software A completely recreated game of pong with sound, as well as multiplayer support Composite Video Driver, capable of converting mapped pixels in memory into a TV image Sound Driver, capable of playing a sound file in memory

8 Board Implementation Wire-wrap capable due to relatively slow CPU (10Mhz) Board contains processor, memory, inputs, and outputs Located inside of casing

9 Hardware Implementation Motorola MC68000 Processor  Necessary for large addressable memory space  4MB DRAM  Executable approximately 500Kb in size  Sound and video storage approximately 1700Kb in size  1800Kb Contingency Xilinx FPGA  Memory mapped I/O  Video/Sound driver  Easy to implement on FPGA 10Mhz Clock  Slow speed necessary to avoid wire-wrap problems Interrupt Controller  Motorola 8214 Programmable Interrupt Controller Reset Switch  Necessary to ensure all board components are initialized together Serial Port  Transfers code from PC to the game station

10 Software Implementation Written using MC68000’s C compiler  Easy to program  Powerful games easily realized Audio/Video Storage  Bit array representing black or white pixels.  Audio shall be stored in custom format.

11 Intermediate Deadlines CDR  Design, test, and implement prototype board  Successfully run code on prototype board Milestone 1  Complete development of individual modules  Get board to interface with video display device Milestone 2  Integrate modules  Run test executable to demonstrate working hardware

12 Final Goals Expo  Implement Pong as final demonstration of functional game station. User can interface with device to change the screen output Basic scoring and game rules implemented Sound output reflective of gameplay

13 Schedule

14 Division of Labor Joe Microprocessor Software Alex Video Module Sharon Sound Module Scott HID and Interface Power

15 Risks and Issues Unfamiliar Technology  Television Video Output Interface  Sound Output  Buttons (User Controls) Software/Hardware Bugs

16 Contingency Plans Technology Research  Television Video Output Interface  Sound Output Use of VGA monitor or LCD instead of television Incremental implementation with extensive hardware/software testing

17 Possible Expansion Higher Resolution Video More Complex Graphics Functions Polyphonic or Multiple Voice Support Additional Game / More Complex Game Multiple HIDs Removable Media

18 Marketability Nostalgic Consumers Young Children Capitalizing on “retro” popularity Extremely Inexpensive

19 description price quantity total Microprocessor:Motorola 68000 $15.001$15.00 Memory:4 MB DRAM$3.391$3.39 EPROM:Texas Instruments$8:001$8.00 FPGAXilinx$20.001$20.00 Display:TV(already have)$0.001$0.00 PIC:Motorola 8214$3.502$7.00 D/A Converter:16-bit$8.002$16.00 Miscellaneous Parts:boards, wires, elements $50.00 $50.00 Total: $119.39 Parts List with Cost Estimates

20 Because of mass purchasing, price will be effectively decreased to one-quarter of prototype cost Components will be optimized once a prototype is built Per unit cost will be approximately $15.00 Retail unit cost will be $20.00 for a 33% net profit on investment Return on Investment

21 Conclusion Video Game Station MC68000 Processor TV Video Driver Sound Driver Capable of running B&W games

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