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5 Different Types and How They Form

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1 5 Different Types and How They Form
Precipitation 5 Different Types and How They Form

2 Objectives Students will be able to identify 5 different types of precipitation Students will learn how each type of precipitation forms Students will research different precipitations in specific destinations using various resources such as the internet, almanacs, books, etc.

3 Rain Rain is a Droplet of Water
When many droplets combine they get to be too heavy for the air to hold This is when rain falls to the ground Where is it raining on this map? Precipitation Forecast

4 Hail Occurs during very intense thunderstorms
Forms from strong updrafts in the storm Rarely falls when the air temperature is below freezing How big do you think hailstones can get?

5 Freezing Rain Rain that freezes on the surface of the earth
Forms when the air on the surface is below freezing but there is an above freezing layer of the air closely above that This is the most dangerous type of precipitation Why do you think its so dangerous?

6 Sleet Frozen rain drops
Forms when there is a warm layer of air above a thick subfreezing layer These raindrops freeze before they hit the earth’s surface

7 Snow This occurs when precipitation stays as snow all the way through the sub layers of the atmosphere What types of activities do you like to do in the snow?

8 Summary There are 5 types of precipitation; rain, hail, freezing rain, sleet and snow. Each type has a different way that they form and are all different in their physical characteristics.

9 Activity In pairs pick one of the types of precipitation and do research using different sources such as; the internet, almanacs and books in a specific destination, ex. Boston, New York, hometowns, etc. Information should include average falling of your precipitation, worst storms and interesting information. The pairs will then present their findings to the class

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