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Blogs Education in. Source:

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1 Blogs Education in



4 Source:

5 How can I use them? The use of Blogs in instructional settings is limited only by your imagination!

6 How can I use them? Blogs instructional tips for students reflective or writing journals e-portfolios Wikis collaboration among colleagues showcase for best practices dialogue for groupwork assignment submission and review

7 What is the difference? Blogs usually single author reverse chronological structure usually personal external links Wikis usually many authors structure determined by content and users usually objective internal and external links

8 What do they look like? Blogs

9 Blog Benefits easy to create only one author empowering for students –a publishing tool constructivist learning

10 Where can I find a free one to try?

11 Blogger

12 Edublogs

13 easyjournal


15 TheDiary

16 WordPress

17 USF Journalism and Media Studies MPA Cohort Blog Spirituality of the Educator Spanish Journals David Silver’s Media Studies JP Allen SOBAM Professor Father Privett’s USF Blog

18 Other Interesting Examples Service Learning W.T. Hanes Elementary School

19 Resources Top 100 Blogs in Education Blogs in Education Supporting Blogging Blogging Libraries Wiki Wiki Books Why and How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Library's Services


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