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Power of Rural Partnerships Advisory Council Update Dr. Claudeen Buettner March 28, 2007.

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1 Power of Rural Partnerships Advisory Council Update Dr. Claudeen Buettner March 28, 2007

2 Rural Project Service Area Camas Gooding Lincoln Jerome Cassia Twin Falls Blaine Minidoka Castleford HS Buhl HS Filer HS Jerome HS Blaine HS Minico HS Burley HS According to 2005 Workforce Investment Board Healthcare Employer Survey, there are shortages and vacancies in the following nursing occupations: RN 20%, LPN 16%, and CNA 70%. Employer’s projected Labor needs within the next 5 years are 4X current LPN graduation rates and 5X RNs.

3 Collaborative Partners  Health Care Development Council  St. Luke’s Magic Valley Regional Medical Center  St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center  St. Benedict’s Family Medical Center  Statewide Workforce Development Council  Idaho Department of Labor & Commerce  South Central Idaho Works! Board  Blaine County School District  Buhl Joint School District  Castleford School District  Cassia County School District  Filer School District  Jerome County School District  Kimberly School District  Minidoka Joint School District  Gooding School District (new)

4 Six Primary Strategic Goals for Power of Rural Partnerships 1. Increase the number of nursing and health occupations faculty at CSI; 2. Create a pipeline to expand dual credit coursework in Health Occupations; 3. Use the Career Lattice to create innovative fast- tracks for RNs; 4. Utilize Healthcare grant development partnerships to develop alternative funding streams for healthcare employers and CSI healthcare programs; 5. Expand Coordination of Space Utilization, Equipment, and Technology Sites; 6. Engage in dissemination and replication strategies.

5 Three Legged Stool--Sustainability Governor Legislature Private Industry

6 Updates Regarding Requests to the Governor & Legislature  Request to Permanent Building fund for Health Science & Human Service Building $21.2 million –Passed Senate and House. Awaiting Governor’s signature  $247,000 enhancement request to JFAC to move 3 faculty salaries from soft funding to permanent funding and to add HSHS Advisor –$241,000 passed Senate and House. Awaiting Governor’s signature

7 Campus Master Plan 1 2

8 Update Regarding Private Industry Development  Region IV Health Occupations Taskforce is raising $250,000 per year for five years privately if the Governor agrees to match it with $250,000 per year for five years.

9 Sustainable Healthcare Delivery Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

10 Or The Bottom Line….

11 Simulation Lab Complete Before— Preschool After— Simulation Lab

12 Dual Entry  Admitting RN and PN candidates twice per year instead of once –Decreases the waitlist time for students who are eligible. –Increases the number of students in training.

13 Fast-Tracks  LPN to RN Fast Track –25 enrolled in transition course –16 entered second year of RN –11 graduating in May  Nationally Certified Paramedic to RN Fast Track (operational 1 semester) –5 entering second year of RN –30% increase in enrollment in NC Paramedic Program

14 CBJT Dual Credit Health Occupations  Completed Installation of clinical labs valued at $48,000.  Completed Installation and purchase of over $55,000 in textbooks for sites.  Fall Semester--over $30,000 in dual credit stipends were paid for minority and disadvantaged enrolled in dual credit health occupations  Good news! Received approval to pay for CNA testing fees for CBJT dual credit health occupations students as long as they have not reached their $1000 maximum. Must complete written test within two months to be eligible.

15 Performance


17 Thank You This project was funded in part (68%) by a grant awarded under the President’s Community-Based Job Training Grants, as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. If you have any questions, please contact or

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