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Information / Links / Contacts

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1 Information / Links / Contacts
Reseller Sales Resource Information / Links / Contacts Copyright © PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd

2 What is PaperCut MF? Print Management Solution
For Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Novell For all printers, plotters makes and models For management, charging, accounting and reporting For rules based policies and access management For “Find Me’ secure print release job printing For “going green” - environmental impact management For device discovery and status e.g. toner levels and alerts For “real time” network activity monitoring Audit, Account, Report Tool By User, Shared Account, Department or Client By Device, by job attribute e.g. paper size / color By location, groups or user types By environmental impact e.g. % of trees or CO2 By pages saved i.e. pages purged prior to print Embedded for many MFDs Integrated to manage Copy, Print, Fax and Scan Enable via Username & Password, Account Code or Card Supports “plug & play” low Cost USB card readers Supports hardware copy controllers for non embedded devices Low cost embedded, quick and easy to install and support PaperCut MF features the very latest on-board embedded software where each user can securely access all MFD features and release paused print jobs. Every page logged, charged or accounted for is determined by the system administrator.

3 How Is PaperCut MF Supported?
Global Support 24/7 Technical & Sales Support via: Head Office Product Development and Tech Support Office in Melbourne Australia Sales Office Partner Management & Sales Support Office in Sydney Australia Nth America Sales Support Office in Portland, Oregon UK / Europe Sales Support Office in Basingstoke, England Japan Sales Support Partner Office in Kobe All offices integrated with job ticketing system , phone, Skype, chat and GoToMeeting (web) conferencing available (via arrangement) Multi languages supported directly from Head Office and via off-shore Partner Offices Authorised Reseller Tiers Regional Partner Typically offering the highest level of support including language translation Authorized Solution Centre 100% vendor neutral to support dealers and clients with software and hardware Authorized Manufacturer Country wide or global partner supporting PaperCut with access to embedded SDKs Value Added Reseller Typically copier / print dealers and MPS solutions providers selling to end users Our People: Our Blog: Our Release History: 3

4 Why PaperCut MF? Some Key Product Benefits
Easy to install and setup, e.g. “click next” and follow prompts and includes 40 day trial license. Cost effective User and per embedded based, not per Print Server or per Printer based licensing. Automatic detection of standard print queues. Minimal Administration using template user and printer import settings. Fewer after sales support calls. Cross-Platform and Vendor Neutral – Windows, Linux, Mac and Novell. Increased Revenue via personalization of the solution and services offered e.g. scripts ROI for your customers within a few months. Simple Installation Simple Installation Cost Effective Solution Easy to Manage Easy to Manage Cost Effective Solution 4

5 Device Embedded Software
Login or Swipe Card Note: The look and feel of each device varies based on the manufacturer SDK and supported feature set. Images shown are typical samples Bill Departments Secure Print Release 5 Customize the user interface to meet your client needs

6 Copyright © 2011 - PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd
Track and Report Over 50 standard reports Snapshot report preview feature View in PDF, Excel, HTML formats Custom report generator Auto Schedule & reports Sample Desktop User Widget Copyright © PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd 6

7 Customer specific Scripts
Enable Rules & Job Routing Customer specific Scripts

8 Customisable Pop-Ups and Alerts

9 Account Selection and Charging
Standard - Client Charging Pro Version - Client Charging Charge to a Shared Account A Shared Account can be any of the following: A department A faculty A client A job code 9

10 Web Print (Driverless printing)

11 Adding Funds Overview Manual Management Top-Up Voucher Cards
Administrator adds funds using PaperCut Software Top-Up Voucher Cards Simple way to create and sell pre-paid cards e.g. phone cards Online Payment Gateway Self service reload by credit card e.g. Pay Pal, World-Pay Cash Payment Gateway Self service reload by cash loader e.g. VCA Campus Card System Gateway Funds drawn from 3rd party source e.g. Blackboard, CBORD

12 Adding Funds Via Top Up Cards
Included Free 1. Create Cards with Value 2. Print and Sell Cards 3. Add Value to Account Multiple currencies supported Top Up Cards can be sold: Via a self serve card dispenser / vending machine Via attended cashier / retail / cafeteria locations Via administrator / library counters

13 Adding Funds Via Gateways
Online Gateway User Web Reload The design of the payment web page may be customized to match the organization intranet or colors. The allowed payment amounts are designated by the administrator.

14 Copyright © 2011 - PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd
Some Tech Info Interesting Facts for Techies and Geeks Full clustering support (Microsoft Cluster, MS Failover Cluster, Veritas, Linux HA) Page-level color detection for PCL5, PCL6, HPGL and Postscript Supported External databases: Use Internal database (for up to 5000 users): Apache Derby Link to External Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql (for up to 500,000+ users) SSL encryption used for client-server communication Developed in a Service Oriented Architecture in a number of languages: Java Application Server Native C/C++ for OS Integration layer Misc. Shell and Perl used in Linux version External Dependencies Zero dependencies on Mac and Windows. No need for ISS or .Net Framework on Windows! Perl required on Linux version Copyright © PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd 14

15 Customer references

16 PaperCut MF - Sales Contacts
Global Sales & Partner Management Mr Steve Lyne Sydney Australia Direct General Cell Phone: +61 (0) Skype Name: lyne_steve Nth America Sales and Support Mr Rick Phipps Portland Oregon Direct Office Phone: Skype Name: rick.papercut UK / Europe Sales and Support Mr Paul Weston Basingstoke United Kingdom Direct Sales Office Phone: +44 (0) Skype Name: paulw47 Japan Sales and Support & Development Mr Jay Morikawa Kobe Japan Direct General Office Phone: Skype Name: cosy200 China / HK Sales and Support Mr Lawrence Zhu Hong Kong / ShenZen 深圳市艾普科讯信息技术有限公司 Direct HK Office Phone: Skype Name: tokenal Authorized Solution Centers – Global List See web site: Technical Support Job Ticketing System: Please

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