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Introduction to Network Administration. Objectives.

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1 Introduction to Network Administration

2 Objectives

3 Workstations A workstation is a client computer that is used to run applications and is connected to a server from which it obtains data shared with other computers.

4 Servers: Connecting Computer Systems

5 Network Server Environment

6 Client/Server Environment

7 Server Farm

8 Client-Server Interaction

9 Network Operating Systems

10 Windows OS

11 UNIX Types Popular versions of Linux include the following: Red Hat Linux OpenLinux Corel Linux Slackware Debian GNU/Linux SuSE Linux

12 Apple

13 Service Applications and Protocols

14 TCP/IP Based Services

15 Evolution of Network Management

16 Network Management Requirements

17 Network Management Model

18 SNMP and CMIP Standards

19 Components of the Organization Model The network management station (NMS) is usually a standalone workstation, but it may be implemented over several systems.

20 Centralized Network Management Architecture

21 Hierarchical Network Management Architecture

22 Distributed Network Management Architecture

23 Management Information Bases

24 Object Identifiers

25 SNMP Protocol: Understanding the Agent

26 SNMP Protocol: Understanding the Protocol

27 SNMP Protocol: Understanding the Management Entity

28 SNMP Protocol: Understanding Community Strings

29 Management Protocols and Features

30 Configuring SNMP



33 The Syslog Facility

34 Summary The functions of a workstation and a server The roles of various equipment in a client/server environment The development of Networking Operating Systems (NOS) An overview of the various Windows platforms An overview of some of the alternatives to Windows operating systems Reasons for network management The layers of OSI and network management model The type and application of network management tools The role that SNMP and CMIP play in network monitoring How management software gathers information and records problems How to gather reports on network performance

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