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New Literacy Emily Reynolds Kim Nordstrom Renae Morris Devin Wall.

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1 New Literacy Emily Reynolds Kim Nordstrom Renae Morris Devin Wall

2 Email Allows you to send and receive mail messages electronically through a computer or other internet-connected device – much faster than traditional physical mail Email has become a very prominent form of communication in the past 10- 15 years Emails sent per year in the United States outnumbered traditional, or “snail mail”, items by 81 to 1 in 2009. (1)(1) Popular free email services include Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Internet service providers such as Cox Communications and Earthlink also provide free email service to their customersGmailHotmailYahoo! MailCox CommunicationsEarthlink Email in schools and universities has made it easier for students, their parents, and instructors to contact each other about issues and assignments, which would otherwise require a phone call or an in-person meeting “Attachment” feature of email services allows students to upload and send their assignment files to themselves, their instructors, or their fellow students – no need to turn in or edit from physical copies KN

3 Online Shopping Allows you to purchase goods and services through the Internet from across the world without having to leave your home Many companies offer online shopping even while they continue to maintain physical stores and shops, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble.WalmartBest BuyBarnes & Noble Popular websites for online shopping include Amazon, Ebay, and iTunes.AmazonEbayiTunes Not much online shopping occurs in the classroom at either the K-12 or university level, but students, teachers and schools can order textbooks, school supplies, and classroom equipment from merchants outside their local market and therefore get better materials or better prices on the things they need for school and classes. At the university level, students take particular advantage of the ability to do online price comparison and shopping for expensive items such as textbooks. KN

4 Social Networking People of all ages connect with peers online Share pictures, videos, and status updates Usually free Many sites offer features like chat, video chat and emailing google+ RM

5 Blogging Blog: a personal website on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis Many different topics- celebrity gossip, fashion, sports, movies, literature, art and more RM

6 Creating a Website Good for expressing information throughout the world Can be accessed from any computer with internet Any kind of information could be found on a webpage Ex. ER

7 Sharing Videos and Photos Great way for showing off different events attended Helps friends and family stay connected with one another Post them on to social networking sites for everyone to see Ex. ER

8 Instant Messaging Instant texting cuts time to a matter of seconds if important information needs be be received via any mobile device. With Video chats you can instantly meet and discuss anything as if your together. Chatting on different programs like iChat, Yahoo Mail, Skype, etc. allows for immediate confrontation back and forth.Yahoo Mail DW

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