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Community Based Activities Yvette Roubideaux MD MPH University of Arizona.

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2 Community Based Activities Yvette Roubideaux MD MPH University of Arizona

3 Community Based Activities Purpose: –Implement activities to complement the intensive activities DP Group – diabetes prevention awareness education and prevention activities CVD Group – CVD risk awareness education and activities to reduce risk for diabetes and CVD

4 Community Based Activities Target audience: –People at risk for diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease Individuals/Participants Families Groups Entire community

5 Community Based Activities Types of activities: –Health fairs, workshops –Exercise programs, Fun run/walks, competitions –Education in local newspapers, radio, brochures –Cooking demonstrations, gardening activities –Cultural events involving education, physical activity

6 Community Based Activities Benefits –Funding impacts more people in the community –Can involve family members –Programs can tailor activities to the specific needs and culture of community –Can hold activities that encourage recruitment and retention of participants in intensive activities

7 Community Based Activities Requirements –Implement community activities as planned in your proposal –Tailor the evaluation to your specific activities No core measures since activities differ Document what you do (process evaluation), such as number of events held, description of activities, number of participants, etc. Consider potential outcome measures Participate in collaborative process at meetings to discuss evaluation of community based activities

8 Community Based Activities Documentation –Reporting on your activities as requested –Describe activities held during year –Report any evaluation data –Indicate any problems or lessons learned –Submit photos if possible (after consent) Report to Congress, other IHS reporting

9 Community Based Activities Technical Assistance for Community Activities –Discuss experience and lessons learned from other grantees at meetings –Review the DPP/CVD materials –Use available and appropriate educational materials –Attend training sessions during meetings –Hire consultants to help you via the Resource Core

10 Community Based Activities Example: NDEP Materials –Posters, print ads, brochures, radio ads –Community Partnership Guide Step by step guide to planning and implementing community activities AIAN supplement available –

11 Community Based Activities Other sources for educational materials –National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse –IHS Resources for Diabetes Education – online ordering system module=catalog module=catalog

12 Community Based Activities Sharing plans for activities –Breakout session today

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