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Training for Organizations

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1 Training for Organizations
Introduction to the Training Organization Chapter 1

2 Training Efforts Strategic Training Informational Training
Operational Training Chapter 1

3 Philosophies... To prepare employees to:
develop specific skills for current job build skills to be more effective in a variety of jobs handle future jobs recognize and realize full potential Chapter 1

4 Missions… Prepare a basic curriculum Anticipate changing conditions
Analyze performance problems Improve productivity Respond to management requests Chapter 1

5 Models of Organization
Faculty Model Client Model Matrix Model Chapter 1

6 Faculty Model of Training Department Organization
Chapter 1

7 Client Model of Training Department Administration
Chapter 1

8 Matrix Model of Training Department Organization
Chapter 1

9 Corporate University Chapter 1

10 A Training Career Competencies Roles Jobs Career Chapter 1

11 The Training Cycle Assessment Design Implementation Evaluation
Chapter 1

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