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March 2008 1 HE v.9 Upgrade Student Administration (SA) SA UL Meeting March 26, 2008.

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1 March 2008 1 HE v.9 Upgrade Student Administration (SA) SA UL Meeting March 26, 2008

2 HE v.9 Upgrade Topics Tentative Upgrade Window Training & Support Resources Reporting Impacts Upgrade Change Summary Communications Unit Liaison Action Item: Share information with units March 2008 2

3 3 Tentative Upgrade Window Tentative upgrade service interruption (HEPROD):  5pm, Thursday, 6/5/08, to 7am, Monday, 6/9/08 HEODS, U-M Data Warehouse, & My LINC available during upgrade weekend. June SunMonTueWedThuFriSat 123 4567 HEPROD Down at 5PM HEPROD unavailable all day 891011121314 HEPROD unavailable all day HEPROD available at 7AM

4 Training & Support Resources Version 9 training & documentation available May 5  An eLearning course highlighting the changes to HRMS & SA M-Pathways system  Overview of Change documents for HRMS & SA M-Pathways system and HRMS & SA data sets  Demonstration simulations for Student Center, Faculty Center, Student Services Center & others  Interchanges/Webcasts highlighting key specific changes (i.e. person model)  U-M Data Warehouse labs to assist with BusinessObjects user reports March 2008 4

5 Training & Support Resources Current SA and HRMS training and documentation updated to v.9 in phases.  Phase 1 complete by June 9 t 42 out of 79 HRMS & SA instructor-led & eLearning courses t Over 1000 documents  Phase 2 complete by September 30 t Remaining courses and documents My LINC will be available during the upgrade outage. March 2008 5

6 6 Report Impacts Vista Plus will be retired. t Reports previously viewed with Vista Plus will be available through Report Manager or the U-M Data Warehouse t Reports generated prior to the upgrade will remain in Vista Plus until October 1 st The upgrade requires changes to some table and field structures. These changes affect some reports in some:  U-M Data Warehouse data sets  PS Queries  RDAs  Interfaces

7 Report Impacts RDAs & Interfaces MAIS has identified impacts for RDAs and interfaces MAIS has contacted RDA and interface owners and will assist units as they update RDAs and interfaces March 2008 7

8 Report Impacts U-M Data Warehouse UM-Maintained reports  MAIS will update and test all affected reports User reports  WebI users will need to update their own user reports after the upgrade in June Data set refresh/update schedule and other important information will be communicated in May March 2008 8

9 PS Query–General A reference document for Query users available in May Queries in the upgraded system will operate the same as queries in the current FIN M-Pathways system March 2008 9 Report Impacts

10 March 2008 10 Report Impacts Public PS Queries MAIS will convert and test all public queries. Private PS Queries (very few users have this access) Users need to update their own private queries after the upgrade Queries created or modified after 5/19/08 will not be moved to v.9 Users will receive communications in April with dates and details

11 Upgrade Change Summary Person model Preferred Names SINOAs Demonstrations  Operational User  Student Center  Student Services Center  Faculty Center March 2008 11

12 Person Model Person-centric repository of bio/demo data (Person Model) for efficient tracking and reporting The person model is a delivered feature in V9 which is required to implement Person Model is a term to describe the information that is tracked about a person t Names t Addresses t The relationship(s) the person has to the organization Ranges for employment record numbers no longer needed  Employment type defined as regular or temporary March 2008 12

13 Preferred Names Changes with the upgrade:  Preferred name displays on additional pages within Student Center, Faculty Center, and key unit Human Resource pages  Available in the data warehouse Current uses which are not changing w/upgrade:  UM on-line directory  Preferred name view (M_CC_ORDRNAM_VW) for PS Query and RDA links  Preferred name will not replace where legal name is required March 2008 13

14 SINOAs SINOAs for admissions applicants will be discontinued at time of upgrade. Currently, an SSN or SINOA number must be entered in the system before an applicant can be admitted. Details included in March 2008 SA Update communication  Available in My LINC March 2008 14

15 v.9 Features – Just a reminder of what we want to demo. THIS IS NOT A REAL SLIDE Enhanced navigation and page usability, including Search, Favorites, and Notify Grid order sort user-controlled and exportable to Excel March 2008 15

16 March 2008 16 Communications Communications have begun and are targeted to audience type:  Unit Liaisons & Administrators  M-Pathways operational users  Students  Faculty Ongoing info available on the MAIS Web UL Action: Encourage users to visit the site for info

17 March 2008 17 Communications Communications Timing and Methods WhoWhatWhenHow ManagersHigh-level info & updates 10/07–6/08E-mail, Advisory Groups, etc. Unit Liaisons High-level info cc’d on details Action Items 10/07–3/08 4/08–6/08 3/08–6/08 Meetings, Web, e-mail, Webinars, etc.

18 Communications Communications Timing and Methods WhoWhatWhenHow M-Pathways Users Hi-level info detailed info by role access 2/08 4/08–6/08 E-mail, Web, Webinars, WA, Citrix FacultyFaculty Center 4/08–9/08Web, WA, Ctools, U Record StudentsStudent Center 5/08–9/08Web, WA, flyers in public sites, MI Daily March 2008 18

19 March 2008 19 Questions?

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