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The Direct Method Group 2 Members: Julie Huang

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1 The Direct Method Group 2 Members: Julie Huang 487200740
Stacy Chiu Vivi Su Vera Chen

2 I. Introduction: 1. Brief introduction 2. Its main purpose

3 Principles & Techniques
1. The Lesson plan should be based on situations or topics, not usually on linguistic structure but on learning how and what that target language’s people and culture are like. 2. Students should do the readings in the target language and the teacher should work with the students on pronunciation right from the beginning. Technique applied here: Reading Aloud: Students take turns reading sections of a passage, play, or dialog out loud.

4 Principles & Techniques (continue…)
3. Students should only speak in the target language; the native language should not be used in the classroom. Technique applied here: Question and answer exercise: a. conducted only in the target language b. Students are asked questions and answer in full sentences so that they practice new words and grammatical structures. C. Students have the chance to ask questions as well as answer them

5 Principles & Techniques
4. The teacher should demonstrate the meaning of the particular target language by using objects, pictures, etc, to help students understand what it means. The teacher should not explain or translate. 5. Students should learn to think in the target language as soon as possible. Technique applied here: Map Drawing: used to give students listening comprehension practice.

6 Principles & Techniques
6. Self- correction by the students facilitates language learning and they are encouraged to speak as much as possible. 7.The lesson should contain some conversational activity so that the students can have an opportunity to use the target language in real contexts.   Technique applied here: 1. Getting students to self-correct 2. Conversation practice

7 Principles & Techniques
8.Grammar should be taught inductively and there may not be an explicit grammar rule given. Technique applied here: Fill-in-the-blank exercise: a. The application is different from in the Grammar-Translation Method. b. No explicit grammar rule would be given.

8 Other Techniques: -Dictation -paragraph writing Conclusion: *No translation is allowed *No native language in class *Teach grammatical rules inductively *Encourage learners to speak and think in target language

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