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How to Run the Biggest Software Market in the World Jane Bian Product Director, PC Stars

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1 How to Run the Biggest Software Market in the World Jane Bian Product Director, PC Stars

2 Confidential Proprietary Company Profile 31 Growing Software Market in China 2 How to explore China Market? 33 What PC Stars Provides? 4 Agenda

3 Confidential Proprietary Company Overview Beijing Baihui Digital Stars Technologies Co. Ltd.(PC Stars) was founded in March, 2006. The company commits to be the biggest online software distributor and leading SaaS(software as a service) provider in China. After 2+ years operation, PC Stars: 1,000,000+ registered and purchased home users 2400+ retailers and 200+ online partners towards the individual 1,000+ resellers, SPs, SIs towards the enterprise 5,000+ products from 600 global software suppliers 7 offices in China mainland

4 Confidential Proprietary SaaS IT products B2C Enterprise Individual Title P C Stars Business Business Overview

5 Confidential Proprietary Business Model PC Stars covers all distribution models: Integrated Software Distribution for individuals and families e-commerce and retails, IT shops, chain IT malls The online distribution management system enable suppliers, distributors, and resellers to monitor the progressing of the distribution in real time mode provide integrated marketing services to our suppliers and resellers, which covers Ads, PR, Channel marketing, Promotion and soon on. 7*24 call center and live support Online downloadable distribution via digital platform B2C website focusing on IT peripheral equipments and digital products such as PCs, laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones…

6 Confidential Proprietary Business model License online distribution for enterprise users work with 600+ global software suppliers and distribute 5000+ products to enterprise clients by reseller, SIs, SPs. provide the service including marketing, sales, technical support, software localization marketing campaign including product catalog, SEO, newsletter, forums Online software service distribution through SaaS platform cooperate with one of top 3 online offices Zoho worldwide; provide online office, CRM, online backup to the home users and enterprise clients based on IT vertical search engine

7 Confidential Proprietary Growing Software Market in China China Growing Software Market Software industry Internet Users SMEs SaaS Compound rate reach 30% in coming 5years; annual revenue will reach $ 185 billion in 2010 Internet users grow from 59.1 million in 2002 to 212 million in 2008; online consuming will reach $ 74 billion in 2008 More than 20 million SMEs have great demands on software Revenue will reach $ 5.8 billion in 2011, compound rate 43% in coming 5 years CCW Research

8 Confidential Proprietary What’s the opportunities in China market? The revenue of software selling reached $ 28.5 billion in 2007,The revenue of software selling reached $ 7 billion in Q1,2008 in China market. GDP=$3.43 trillion in 2007, which grows 11.4%. More and more local companies seek overseas IPO, who should abide Sarbanes Oxley, which creates a lot of opportunities for software. The piracy rate is 80% in China market in 2007, but 90% in 2005, the China government has taken a lot of actions protecting intellectual property.

9 Confidential Proprietary The barriers for software vendors to enter China market. High cost of setting up a branch organization; Different market and users with different background of culture and consuming habit; Making fit for business mode; Dealing with business affairs related to localization of product/service; Establishment of integrated marketing system in China;

10 Confidential Proprietary How to explore China Market? Localization of Product and Price Long-term invest first, therefore harvest Integrated Marketing Platforms and Capacities Success in China Trustworthy Partners with global view and localized capacity Channel Network Establishment Keep your way and profit in China, but choose a right partner first.

11 Confidential Proprietary What PC Stars provides for vendors? PC Stars’ partner benefit ServiceResellerDistributorExclusive distributorPublisher Sales Highlight products on PC Stars’ website yes Local software download service yes Nationwide channel distribution services yes Technical Support Telephone supportyes E-mail supportyes HelpdeskyesYes On-site service yes Marketing SEO yes Chinese official website yes PR Promotion yes Internet marketing yes Media advertising yes Market activities yes Exhibition yes Industry seminars yes Localization Sale materials& datasheet localization yes Chinese version Yes Training Certificated Training to resellers and end-users. yes

12 Confidential Proprietary Part of Our Global Partners

13 Confidential Proprietary Our Partners of Online Distribution

14 Confidential Proprietary Successful Partnership for Kaspersky Channels Marketing Service Support Others Web&Pack

15 Confidential Proprietary Market share in China/Global from1% to 15%+ is possible! PC Stars can help you expand China market successfully. Possibilities

16 Confidential Proprietary Questions Are you interested in China market? What is your next step? What partner in China is suitable for your business model? What’s the barrier for you in China market?

17 Confidential Proprietary Thank You Jane Bian

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