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GE Network Solutions ee GE Network Solutions GENS leadership in worldwide GIS market for utilities and telecoms Jan Ulc 12 May 2003.

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1 GE Network Solutions ee GE Network Solutions GENS leadership in worldwide GIS market for utilities and telecoms Jan Ulc 12 May 2003

2 Global most admired company - Fortune (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) World's Most Respected Company - Financial Times (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001) > 300,000 employees Operates in 100 countries $125.9 Billion (2001 Revenues) The General Electric Company Lighting Information Services Transportation Industrial Systems NBC Aircraft Engines Plastics Appliances Medical Systems Capital Power Systems e Energy Services Network Solutions

3 GE Power Systems Global presence 30,000 employees GENS 1,200 employees $14 Billion revenue Dedicated to delivering the best the industry has to offer Delivers solutions from wellhead to consumer for the energy industry Power Systems Energy Services Network Solutions

4 From Smallworld to GE Network Solutions Foundation Begin Development 89 SMALLWORLD GIS Release First Customers in U.K., Germany and Benelux 90 U.S.A. Version 2.0 93 200 Kunden Portugal, Finland,Denmark, Norway, Australia Version 2.1 94 Spain, Italy, Russia, S-Africa Japan and S.E. Asia Win NT Version 95 Version 2.2 NZ, Singapore 400 Customers Globalised Product NASDAQ 96 IT Acquisition 500 Customers 97 PowerOn Version 3.0 Design Manager 650 Customers 800 Customers 00 Navigant Acquisition e SIAS 99 98 Sofion Acquisition 01 02 Deutsche Telekom Project EDF Project 88

5 GE Network Solutions Vision: Develop and Implement IT Solutions for Customers with Network Infrastructure Based on Innovative Technology Design & Manage the World’s Networks 3 Markets: Utility Network Solutions 684 Customers in 46 Countries Telecommunication Network Solutions 184 Customers in 40 Countries GIS Solutions 64 Customers in 21 Countries

6 Integrating Two Worlds GIS Asset Management WMS Design Analysis CIS As-builts Proposed Facilities De-commissioned facilities Attribute Changes Land Changes Meter Readings Customer Loads Switching Results Load Profiles Follow-up Work Orders Facility Changes Failed Device Data Customer outage times Operations Management Operations Model SCADA Substation Auto Dispatchers IEDs Operating Engineers Web Users Crews Call Center Reps Service Centers Web Tools Line Supervision Asset Queries Data Warehouse Scheduling Designers Engineers Crews Line Supervision Call Center Reps Meter Readings GE is uniquely placed to integrate asset & operations management

7 GE Network Solutions - Daratech 2001 Revenue Estimates, Utilities Sector 2001 Highlights Total market growth 7% Software market growth 14% GENS displaced Intergraph and took the #1 slot in: Total Utilities sales Utilities software sales Combined Utilities+Comms software sales ESRI is still #1 in total sales, but covers many sectors: 3 rd in Utilities software sales 5 th in Utilities total sales 6 th in Comms software sales Intergraph Utilities - dramatic decline software sales down 43% over 2 years share down from 33% to 14% over 2 years Data copyright Daratech Inc. 2000 - 2002 GENS #1

8 ~35% market share in Europe GE Network Solutions - Customers

9 EDF / GdF (Mercator Project) Largest single GIS contract ever awarded Contract won by GE Network Solutions last year (with SchlumbergerSema) Covering Gas and Electricity networks in France 3,000 Smallworld GIS users and 10,000 Internet users Planned to be integrated with other systems like SAP and network calculation packages One central database (on Oracle) 5TB of data expected First part of the project delivered early this year Why Smallworld Spatial Technology? Scalability ! And proven WAN performance…

10 GE Network Solutions Integrated IT Solutions for Transmission & Distribution Utilities

11 Asset Records Management Single data repository supports end-to-end business processes Standard industry applications and network object models Rich tools and processes for data maintenance and integrity Integration of multiple geographic, schematic, detail and textual records in ONE object model Industry proven solutions for all utilities

12 Engineering Management Integrated workflow to plan, design, build, and maintain your network Integrated graphical design and layout software Integration to work management and materials management Compatible and macro unit integration (WMS integration) Work print and job costing

13 Engineering Planning & Analysis Full integration of industry standard network analysis packages (Stoner, Aleid, H2ONET) Single data model Graphical representation of results Increase planning efficiency, obtain maximum usage of assets

14 Business Intelligence Integrated analysis of corporate and spatial data Optimizes asset maintenance, planning, and inspection Sales and marketing analysis for customer acquisition

15 Web Deployment GE Smallworld Internet Application Server gives you the power to deliver enterprise data and applications to everyone Deliver information and services to customers, partners, regulators and share holders Built on Internet Technology Standards to maximize Interoperability Exploit your existing infrastructure

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