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Chapter Two Planning, Organizing, Directing and Control in MEEC

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1 Chapter Two Planning, Organizing, Directing and Control in MEEC

2 Planning: Meeting Objectives
Knowing the Audience and Setting the Objectives effects all aspects of Meetings: Programming Schedule Type of sessions – style of meeting Speakers Site Selection / Type and Location of Property Training/conference center vs. resort Downtown vs. suburbs vs. airport Cost

3 Planning: Meeting Objectives
Knowing the Audience and Setting the Objectives effects all aspects of Meetings: Logistics Room Sets Audio Visual Food & Beverage Promotion and Publicity Promotion schedule Types / styles of promotion materials Post Conference Evaluation

4 Planning: Meeting Objectives
Step 1 - Needs Analysis Determine audience expectations Know demographics (i.e. age, gender, geography) Understand role/position in the organization Profile their interests (cultural, sports, lifestyle) Identify networking opportunities

5 Planning: Meeting Objectives
Determine audience expectations Determine special accommodations (food, language, equipment) Consider Pricing / Cost sensitivities Understand educational needs / requirements

6 Planning: Meeting Objectives
S.M.A.R.T. Meeting Objectives Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-Based

7 Planning: Site Selection
Objectives clarify the site selection Planners guide the selection process Resources inform the site decision Trade / industry magazines Convention & Visitors Bureaus References from other planners/colleagues

8 Planning: Site Selection
Factors to Consider Objectives Audience needs Location Cost Travel accessibility Type of hotel / facility required Meeting space needed

9 Planning: Site Selection
Steps in the Process Identify the meeting objectives Gather historical data Determine physical requirements Consider attendee expectations Select general area and type of facility Prepare a Request for Proposal Review and evaluate choices Select site Source: Professional Meeting Management, 4th ed. (2002) B. Connell, C. Chatfield-Taylor and M. Collins (eds.) Professional Convention Management Association: Chicago.

10 Planning: Request for Proposal
A written description of all meeting requirements Sent to appropriate hotels, conference or convention facilities May be submitted through CVB Fam (familiarization) Trips

11 Planning: Budgets Three Major Steps Establish Goals Identify Expenses
Indirect Costs Fixed Costs Variable Costs Identify Revenue Sources

12 Planning: Cost Controls
Establish master account signing authority Estimate accurate guarantees Outsource if appropriate

13 Organizing: Registration
Registration Form Data Registration Fees Pre-Registration On-site Registration

14 Organizing: Housing Four Methods of Housing
Attendees arrange their own – no rate is negotiated Attendees arrange their own - group rate is negotiated at particular hotel(s) Planner arranges all housing via room list Third-party housing bureau

15 Directing Meeting & Event Specifications Guide (MESG) The Narrative
Schedule of Events Meeting Event Orders

16 Directing Pre-Con Meetings (Pre Convention)
Day or two prior to opening of event A time to meet all hotel representatives A time to re-confirm / review all arrangements Post Con Meetings (Post Convention)

17 Directing Post Con Review (Post Convention) Meet following event
Meeting with staff (organization & hotel) Review performance (positive and negative) Prepare written report

18 Control in MEEC: Evaluation
Purpose Overall meeting Specific individual sessions Tie questions to the meeting’s objectives Information to collect Location / type of property Speakers / programming Social events / networking

19 Control in MEEC: Evaluation
Evaluation Design Simple, concise, easy to complete, easy to read Ask specific questions Gather both Quantitative and Qualitative Data Begin with easy questions first Use a range of numbers when asking personal or proprietary questions Keep evaluations anonymous Note return address / fax number If evaluating speaker – identify by name

20 Control in MEEC: Evaluation
Collection Collect at end of session Provide collection boxes Distribute / collect following event Use of Information Measure outcomes of objectives Record history of meeting Planning document for next event

21 Review Meeting Objectives Site Selection Request for Proposal
Budgets & Cost Controls Registration & Housing Meeting & Event Specifications Guide (MESG) Pre & Post Con Activities Evaluation

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