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Dissemination and Critical Evaluation of Published Research Peg Bottjen, MPA, MT(ASCP)SC.

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1 Dissemination and Critical Evaluation of Published Research Peg Bottjen, MPA, MT(ASCP)SC

2 Objectives Upon the completion of this lecture and exercise the student will be able to:  Recognize methods of research dissemination  Describe the conventional format of published research  Evaluate a published article according to criteria given

3 Purpose of Published Research  Answer questions using scientific method  Descriptive  Correlational  Causal – explain causation

4 Dissemination of Research  Oral report  Poster presentation  Journal article

5 Format of Research Presentations  Title  Abstract  Introduction  Methods  Results  Discussion  References

6 Title Concise, descriptive sentence stating the exact topic of the report.  Identifies the subjects of study  Variables, characteristics  Followed by investigator’s name and affiliation ex. The incidence of alcoholism in health professionals as a function of work- related stress.

7 Abstract  Short, concise paragraph describing entire report (<250 words)  One or two precise sentences from each section Introduction Method Results Discussion

8 Introduction  Background – reasons to conduct study, theoretical framework, literature review  Statement of purpose – goal of study, problem statement  Hypotheses – educated guess as to relationship between variables  Research question – specific question studied Past - - Present

9 Method  Subjects – who they are, how obtained  Materials – equipment, apparatus, instruments used, quality of instruments  Procedures – how study conducted, what subjects did or what was done to them

10 Method  Reliability  Validity  Statistical Methods

11 Reliability - Precision  The test or assessment measures the same thing every time and results in the same answer every time. Test-retest – correlates 1 st to 2 nd Inter-observer – between different observers Internal consistency – between items measured

12 Validity - Accuracy  The test or assessment measures what it claims to measure. Sensitivity - % true positive Specificity - % true negative Test ResultDisease PresentDisease Absent +True +False + -False -True -

13 Validity  Predictive value Ability of a measurement to predict the value of it or another test in the future (prognosis)  What is predictive value of an ACT score to your grade point average in college?

14 Results  Technical data  In text  In tables  In figures

15 Discussion  Non-technical interpretation of results  Connect results to purpose, hypotheses, and theory  Explain results  Identify limitations  Suggestions for further research

16 References  List of literature discussed  Sufficient detail so reader can identify and retrieve the source  Journal articles, internet sources, books, newspapers, personal correspondence, and videos

17 Critical Evaluation of Research  Goal: to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of each component of a research report  Why?

18 Look at sample given to you. Describe the format. Does it follow the conventional format we have described?

19 Title Does the title help you understand the article?

20 Abstract Is the abstract understandable?

21 Introduction Question: What question is the study designed to answer? Literature Review: What is already known about this area of knowledge?

22 Methods What was done to answer the question?

23 Results What did the researcher find?

24 Discussion What does the researcher say about the results?

25 Weaknesses Identified

26 Strengths Identified

27 Overall Evaluation What is your judgment of this study?

28 Summary  Format of research articles  Critical evaluation of research article  Value of this skill to Health Professionals

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