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Higher Education and industry partnerships for the Knowledge Economy

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1 Higher Education and industry partnerships for the Knowledge Economy
Christian Duncumb British Council

2 SQWconsulting – BRIDGE evaluation
Graduates of MA Publishing (Moscow State University of the Printing Arts / Oxford Brookes University)

3 SQWconsulting – BRIDGE evaluation
BRIDGE students at St Petersburg State University of Technology and Design (MA in Fashion Design and Merchandising with De Montfort University

4 SQWconsulting – BRIDGE evaluation
Participants of MA Corporate Policy and Finance (Urals State University of Economics / Nottingham Trent University)

5 SQWconsulting – BRIDGE evaluation
Professor Oleg Medvedev of Moscow State University (second right) demonstrates the prototype developed with Lancaster University to HRH Duke of York (centre), at an international symposium in Barcelona in 2008

6 The transformation of Higher Education
From small to large Increased mobility Shifting perspectives - Internationalisation - Knowledge Economy

7 The internationalisation of HE
“British universities need to be strongly committed to internationalisation; attracting students from abroad; collaborating with institutions outside the UK; bringing their expertise to bear on global challenges; and instilling a sense of internationalism in British students by teaching European and global perspectives and encouraging language learning” Higher Ambitions – BIS “the process of integrating an international/intercultural dimension into teaching, research and service functions of the institution” Jane Knights But, Benefits and Risk

8 Knowledge Economy “A strong university system is essential to a country’s economic success and the vibrancy and depth of its intellectual and cultural life. Universities embody both our values and our aspirations… they shape how we engage with the rest of Europe and the wider world” “Our expectations of business will continue to rise: they need to be active partners with universities, not passive customers” “In a knowledge economy, universities are the most important mechanism we have for generating and preserving, disseminating, and transforming knowledge into wider social and economic benefits” “Higher education equips people for the increasingly complex challenges of the modern workplace, by teaching skills and instilling intellectual curiosity and self-confidence” Higher Ambitions – BIS

9 HE issues for the Knowledge Economy
Employability Corporate degrees Centres of innovation and enterprise International think tanks Communication skills Corporate skills

10 Higher Education and industry partnerships for the Knowledge Economy
Connecting partners Connecting agendas

11 BC Russia plans for -Series of events exploring the relationship between HE and industry -Support for development of UK-Russia HEI and industry partnerships -Research

12 Connecting Agendas – IHE issues
TNE Quality Assurance Student mobility Graduate employability Global universities Building research cultures Innovation & commercialisation of knowledge


14 Connecting Agendas - Questions
How does HE generate the skills industry and the KE needs? How do industry and education interact? How could industry and education work more closely? What does industry need from HE? What does HE need from industry?

15 Partnerships Surgical equipment Nanotechnology Urban development
Oil & gas

16 Connecting partners - Questions
What does a successful partnership between HE and industry look like? What partnerships does Russia need for the future? How to bring Russian and UK HEIs together? How to bring HE sector and industry together? What partnership themes or topics are most important?

17 Thank you

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