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Epilogue Death and Dying.

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1 Epilogue Death and Dying

2 The Dying Person’s Emotions
Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance

3 Five Stages appear and reappear throughout process
Age of dying person affects feeling about death

4 Deciding How to Die The Patient and the Family
For older people preparation for death is seen as normal Pain at the end - what to do about it? The Patient and the Family Living will - indicates what medical intervention should occur

5 Medical Personnel Double effect- relieves pain, but could hasten death
Palliative care- designed mainly to treat pain and suffering Hospice - place where terminally ill patients receive palliative care

6 The Social Context of Dying
Death Around the World rite of passage biological event natural occurrence

7 Many cultures share death in a community spirit
An accepted, familiar event that happened at home 20th century Western cultures withdrew death from everyday life

8 More and more people died alone in hospitals than at home among family
This denial of death permeated the medical profession Doctors and nurses avoided the truth People became socially isolated even before death

9 Bereavement Mourning = the ways of expressing grief at the death of a loved one Mourning period - less likely today Mummification = bereaved leave intact belongings of dead Death of mourners over bereavement, not uncommon for elderly couples

10 Phases of Mourning Shock Longing Depression and despair Recovery
Can last many months or years (2 years average) Do not follow a schedule

11 Later anniversary reactions -expected and accepted
Bereavement overload = new deaths occurring before mourning another death has finished Anticipatory grief

12 Recovery What can others do
Be aware of emotions that are likely to occur Understand bereavement is a long process Working through the emotions can help the person have a deeper appreciation of him/herself and life, including human relationships

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