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Matter An Insight Into The Structure and Properties of Matter.

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1 Matter An Insight Into The Structure and Properties of Matter

2 What Is Matter?  Matter is anything that has mass and volume.  A cup, pen, and eraser are made up of matter

3 What Is Matter?  The definition of matter is often taken to mean anything composed of atoms and molecules.  Thus, matter is anything made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

4 Structure Of Matter  The atom is the “building block of matter”.  All substances are composed of invisible particles called atoms.  Atoms are the building blocks of matter and are in constant motion.  The combination of atoms leads to millions of materials with different properties.

5 Atoms Atoms are composed of three types of particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons.

6 Nucleus  Atoms are made up of a positively charged center, the nucleus, containing: - Protons with a positive charge - Neutrons with no charge (neutral) O + O + = Neutron w/ Neutral Charge = Proton w/ Positive Charge Nucleus

7 Atom  The electrons of an atom are found orbiting the nucleus of the atom  Electrons have a negative charge

8 Structure of Atom

9 Phases of Matter  Matter is classified into four phases or states Solid Liquid Gas Plasma

10 Solid  Solids have definite: Mass Volume Shape

11 Liquid  Liquids have definite Mass Volume  No definite shape.

12 Gas  Gases have NO definite Mass Volume Shape

13 Plasma  Plasma is the form of matter that exists when the atoms are in an excited state.  Stars (the sun is a star) exist in the plasma state because of nuclear fusion.  Some examples of plasma found on Earth are: lightning, auroras, and neon.

14 Plasma Video

15 Review - Phases of Matter  Gases' shape is determined by container and volume is determined by container.  Liquids shape is determined by the container and has constant volume.  Solids have constant shape and volume.

16 Cites     %20Lin%20and%20Rosemarie.doc %20Lin%20and%20Rosemarie.doc , 15,Volume of rectangular solids  ms=matter&content=lessonplans&subject=allsubjects&grade=allgrades&query=query& hl=no&count=8&number=8&view=yes

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