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Career Options for Psych Majors with a Doctorate By: Dan Bocchino Will Laible Will Laible.

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1 Career Options for Psych Majors with a Doctorate By: Dan Bocchino Will Laible Will Laible

2 Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)  Most prestigious  Awarded in many fields  Primarily for a field in research  Flexible degree  Trains people for:  Research, Teaching, Writing, and Clinical Practice

3 PsyD (Doctor of Psychology)  Considered a professional degree  Prepares graduate to be a consumer of research  Based on practical and applied work  Geared towards clinical practitioners

4 EdD (Doctor of Education)  Offered in the Department of Education  Offers less training in the principles of Psychology  Psychologists view the EdD as inferior.  Viewed as equal to the PhD. in Administrative positions.

5 Subfields

6 Clinical Psychology  Asses and treat mental and emotional disorders  Promote Psychological well-being  Can treat specific problems such as phobias and clinical depression  Consult physicians on physical problems that have underlying psychological causes  Down Syndrome  Autism  Work in hospitals, health centers, community health teams, child and adolescent health services

7 Counseling Psychology  Similar to Clinical Psychology  Focuses more on persons with adjustment problems  Help people use their strengths to cope with their problems  Focus on how problems and people differ across life stages  Employed in academic settings (college campuses), counseling centers, hospitals, and buisnesses.

8 Forensic Psychology  Apply psychological principles to legal issues  Many are trained in both psychology (PhD) and law (JD)  May work in correctional facilities, serve as consultants to trial lawyers, serve as expert witnesses at trials

9 Health Psychology  Specialize in how biological, psychological, and social factors affect health and wellness  Focus on the promotion of maintaining good health  Conduct programs to help individuals lose weight, manage stress, stop smoking and stay physically fit.  Employed in hospitals, medical schools, rehabilitation centers, public health agencies, academic settings or private practice

10 I/O Psychology  Apply psychological principles and research methods to the work place, in the interest of improving productivity and the quality of work life.  Many serve as human resource specialists: help organizations with staffing, training, and employee development.  Can work as management consultants in areas such as strategic planning, quality management, and coping with organizational change.  Employed also in government and academic settings

11 Teaching and Research  Work in a university setting  Will likely focus on both teaching and conducting research  Can work for government agencies  Can get job with masters, but you are less likely

12 References   Kuther, T. (2003). The Psychology Major’s Handbook. Thomson & Wadsworth 

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