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Intro Test 2 – Chapters 3,4 & Word Sample Questions SPRING 2005.

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2 Intro Test 2 – Chapters 3,4 & Word Sample Questions SPRING 2005

3 A(n) __________ is a named collection of data, instructions, or information. a. memo b. file c. object d. font Application software is used _____. A. as a business tool and to facilitate communications B. to assist with graphics and multimedia projects C. to support home, personal, and educational activities D. all of the above

4 True or False ??? Each time you start a computer, the operating system is loaded (copied) from the computer’s memory onto a hard disk. A command is an instruction that causes a program to perform a specific action.

5 Memory stores __________. a. the operating system and other system software that control the usage of the computer equipment b. application programs designed to carry out a specific task c. the data being processed by application programs d. all of the above The CPU contains __________. a. input devices and output devices b. the control unit and the arithmetic/logic unit c. main memory and storage devices d. all of the above

6 A universal serial bus (USB) port __________. a. is a special type of serial port designed to connect the system unit to a musical instrument b. can connect up to 127 different peripheral devices with a single connector c. is a special high-speed parallel port used to attach peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers d. allows wireless devices to transmit signals to a computer via infrared light waves A __________ connects the CPU to main memory. a. system bus b. VESA local bus c. PCI bus d. PC Card bus

7 The arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is the component of the processor that directs and coordinates most of the operations in a computer. Saving is the process of copying items from a storage device such as a hard disk to RAM. True or False ???

8 Almost There!!! 33 Tasks in Word 29 questions from Discovering Computers 18 Multiple Guess 11 True/False

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