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Community of Science The Leading Internet Site for Researchers Worldwide

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1 Community of Science The Leading Internet Site for Researchers Worldwide

2 COS Overview Community of Science is the leading Internet site for the global R&D community. COS offers scientists and R&D professionals direct access to the information, people and technologies that they need to succeed. The world’s most advanced researchers depend on COS to promote their work, find funding, access experts, consult, and collaborate with colleagues.

3 COS Background Founded by The Johns Hopkins University and established as a private company in 1989. Serving the professional research community on the Web since 1993. COS community model based on collaborative approach of Genome Database Based in Baltimore, MD; international office in London.

4 COS Members 80 of the top 100 U.S. universities* 263 U.S. and Canadian universities 490 Commonwealth universities 86 Fortune 500 R&D Corporations 24 International government agencies Multiple entrepreneurial and incubator institutes * ranked by research expenditures

5 Funding Collaboration Exposure Research COS Benefits

6 COS Services COS services enable scientists to find funding, promote their research, and collaborate with colleagues around the world. These include: - COS Workbench - COS Expertise - COS Funding Opportunities - COS Funding Alert

7 Access to numerous databases and services from individual’s Workbench Customizable “work space” provided free upon membership. Serves as a “one-stop shopping” portal for researchers to collaborate, communicate, and receive personalized content. Gateway to COS Online Community COS Workbench


9 COS Expertise is the basis for the COS web- based community. It is a network of over 460,000 R&D professionals. COS Expertise contains relevant data about the researcher’s key professional interests, including: - Contact information - Institutional affiliation and positions held - Publications - Patents - Professional memberships, affiliations, honors & awards - Keywords associated with their research. COS Expertise links dynamically and serves as a personalized index for the researcher’s work product on the Web. COS Expertise

10 COS Expertise is a common-format, searchable system that : Helps researchers promote their activities to a global audience. Serves as a knowledge management system for member universities. Functions as an engine for community building across disciplines and geographic regions. COS Expertise

11 COS Expertise-The Individual Profile Patent information Publication abstracts and full text links Professional Affiliations Funding Information

12 COS Funding Opportunities contains more than 19,300 research grants from governments, corporations, associations, societies and foundations, and is updated daily. Almost half of all records in COS Funding Opportunities are open to researchers anywhere in the world, without regard to citizenship or location. Researchers receive weekly email notification of grants that match their interests. COS Funding Opportunities


14 COS Funding Alert Automatically sends weekly e-mail to researchers Alerts researchers of funding based on criteria established by the researcher Easily customized Available to new COS Expertise Profiles Queries can be added, modified, and deleted

15 COS Funding Alert

16 International Presence Commonwealth Knowledge Network –Partnership with Association of Commonwealth Universities –250,000 researchers at 480 universities in 36 countries –Includes U.K., India, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong COS China –Partnership with Chinese Academy of Sciences –35,000 initial researchers, up to 350,000 at 120 institutes Discussions underway with France, Israel, Switzerland, and others Geographic views enable members to: –Search for funding opportunities and related research by country –Find and communicate with experts in and from a specific country

17 COS Partnerships Internet2 – developing NGI tools for high-bandwidth collaboration and inter-institutional authentication San Diego SuperComputing Center -- developing XML standards for professional profiles and scientific content NIH National Library of Medicine – providing “front end” authoring and peer review system for PubMed Central Maryland Technology Development Corporation – ( hosting first-of-its-kind statewide portal to assist entrepreneurs and high tech start ups

18 COS Abstract Management System

19 The Internet has opened the door for universities- becoming the pipeline for partnerships. COS is an online community of scientists, researchers and research and development professionals, and is a top resource for universities as well as global industries. COS: A Universal Research Resource

20 Community of Science The Leading Internet Site for Researchers Worldwide

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