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The University of Memphis Executive Retreat Provost’s Report June 28, 2005.

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1 The University of Memphis Executive Retreat Provost’s Report June 28, 2005

2 UNIVERSITY MISSION  High quality learning opportunities  Creative discovery and dissemination of knowledge  Diverse faculty, staff, and student populations  Integration of technologies into the learning environment  Leadership and service to address social, intellectual, economic development  Transfer of knowledge and collaboration with community stakeholders

3 GOAL 1: ENHANCED QUALITY IN UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Budget Request:  Faculty/Staff in Growth Areas  Classroom Technologies/Improvements  Operating Budgets & Equipment  Salary Increases for Part-time Faculty  Honors Program Support Strategies:  Admissions Standards, Retention, Advising  Scholarship Programs and Financial Aid  Memphis Extras (Learning Communities; Honors Program; International, Internship and Research Experiences)

4 GOAL 2: ENHANCED AND EXPANDED GRADUATE PROGRAMS Strategies:  Faculty Recruitment and Retention  Focus Areas/ Areas of Emerging Strength  Professional and other Graduate Degree Programs to Serve Mid-South  Appropriate Support Services to Recruit and Retain  New Academic Programs in Growth Areas Budget Request:  Graduate Assistantship Funding and Support  Focus Area Funding  Faculty/Staff in Growth Areas  Library Resources  Operating Budgets and Equipment  Space

5 GOAL 3: RESEARCH GROWTH Strategies  Focus Areas/Areas of Strength  Appropriate Infrastructure and Technology Support  Mutually Productive Partnerships and Interdisciplinary Activities Budget Request  Graduate Assistantships  Focus Area Funding  Faculty/Staff in Growth Areas  Research Equipment  Animal Facilities and Research Infrastructure  Chairs and Centers of Excellence  Start-Up Funding and Space

6 GOAL 4: FACULTY RECRUITMENT/RETENTION Strategies:  Competitive Salaries  Graduate Students  Focus Areas/Areas of Strength  Faculty Rewards Programs  Research Support including Start-Up Funding, Research Computing, etc.  Partnerships and Interdisciplinary Programs  Research Equipment  Chairs of Excellence  Professorships  Start-Up/Counter-Offer Funding  Space Budget Request:  Merit/Equity Funds  Graduate Assistantships  Focus Area Funding  Animal Facilities  Research Infrastructure  Operating Budgets


8 2006 BASE BUDGET REQUEST CategoryAmountCorrelation to Strategy Graduate Assistantships$500,000Goals 2, 3, and 4 Operating Budgets$250,000General Support Faculty/Staff in Growth Areas$1,750,000Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4 Increase for PT Faculty$250,000Goal 1 Classroom Technologies$125,000Goal 1 Research Equipment$500,000Goals 3 and 4 Library Resources$200,000Goals 1 and 2 Focus Area/Funding Priorities$300,000Goals 2, 3,and 4 Animal Facilities$100,000Goals 3 and 4 Start-Up Funding$300,000Goals 3 and 4 TAF Shift$250,000General Support Counter-Offer Pool$100,000Goal 4 Total$4,625.00

9 2006 ONE-TIME FUNDING REQUEST CategoryAmountCorrelation to Strategies Research Equipment$800,000Goals 3 and 4 Classroom Renovations$300,000Goal 1 Animal Facilities$100,000Goals 3 and 4 Totals$1,200,000

10 F. AREAS OF FOCUS  Biotechnologies  Healthcare  Music and Theatre  Teacher Education/Development  Community Initiatives/Hazards Mitigation  Learning Technologies

11 BIOTECHNOLOGIES  Mission: To support the regional initiative to create a biotechnology center with a Musculoskeletal emphasis and related to the medical device companies located in Memphis.  Foci: Work force development and research in biotechnologies.  Peer institutions: University of Pittsburgh North Carolina State University

12 HEALTHCARE  Mission: T o support the health care delivery system and be a resource for policy decisions or health for the purpose of improving the health indices of Memphis.  Focus: To provide training for health care professionals, provide research to support health care policy decision, and to be actively involved in prevention and intervention programs.  Peers: Georgia State University Rutgers University

13 MUSIC AND THEATRE  Mission: T o build strong, nationally-recognized programs in music and musical theatre that will serve the community’s educational and cultural needs and will support economic development of the region’s music industry.  Rationale: To take advantage of the rich musical heritage and entrepreneurial spirit of Memphis and the Mid-South, and to strengthen the University’s music and theatre programs.  Peers: Arizona State University School of Music Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

14 TEACHER EDUCATION/DEVELOPMENT  Mission: To create a new approach to the preparation of and support of teachers and school administrators, particularly those serving students in urban settings.  Foci: To reform teacher education by 1) basing decision-making on data, 2) working in close collaboration with Colleges of Arts and Sciences, and 3) establishing clinical practice sites.  Peers: University of Washington University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Boston College Bank Street College in New York

15 COMMUNITY INITIATIVES  Mission: Provision of research support, information, and active participation in community efforts to address social, health, and safety issues in the region.  Foci: To conduct community-based research; to support local planning initiatives, and to foster collaborative community decision-making.  Peers: University of Illinois, Chicago Portland State University University of Louisville

16 HAZARDS MITIGATION  Mission: Provision of research support, information, and participation to address social, health, and safety issues in the region.  Focus: To assist the Mid-South in building and implementing realistic and comprehensive plans to improve region’s safety and preparedness that result from natural or man-made hazards or from terrorist activities.  Peers: University of Colorado Columbia University University of Louisville

17 LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES  Mission: To conduct research, train students, and promote the use of advanced learning technologies in schools, universities, the workforce, and the Mid- South community.  Foci: To develop eLearning courseware, intelligent tutoring systems, interactive multimedia, and collaborative courseware.  Peers: University of Pittsburgh, Learning Research and Development Center North Carolina State University

18 FULFILLING THE MISSION  Investment in People  Interdisciplinary Initiatives  Building Partnerships  Resource Development  Image/Reputation  Community Connections

19 Investing in People, Interdisciplinary Initiatives, Connectedness

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