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Review: Holidays 1 Review by Ruth Anderson British and American Culture.

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1 Review: Holidays 1 Review by Ruth Anderson British and American Culture

2 Review 1) What does the word "holiday" mean? “holy day” 2

3 Review 2) What is a New Year’s Resolutions? –Promise people make to do something, often to better themselves in some specific way(s), in the coming year 3

4 Review 3) What is the name of the lover’s holiday in the West? –Valentine’s Day 4

5 Review 4) What holiday is most important to the Christians? –Easter 5

6 Review 5) What are the fertility elements associated with Easter? – Easter bunny – Eggs 6

7 7 6) On which holiday do people dress in costumes ? Halloween Review

8 8 7) What is the biggest holiday of the year in the West? Christmas Review

9 9 8) How do non-religious people celebrate Christmas ? As a family holiday. Review

10 10 9) What are some of the activities and things that are associated with Christmas? Christmas Shopping Gift giving Christmas trees Review

11 11 10) What is the name of the mythical figure who is said to bring toys to all children on Christmas morning? –Santa Claus. Review

12 12 11) Singing is an important part of Christmas. What are the songs associated with Christmas called ? Christmas carols Review

13 13 12) What is remembered on Remembrance Day? The sacrifice of veterans (people who were soldiers) and civilians in WWI, WWII, and other wars Review

14 14 13) What is the national holiday of the Irish people? St. Patrick’s day Review

15 15 14) How do people celebrate St Patrick’s Day? By wearing green, eating Irish food and/or green foods, drink Irish drink, and attending parades. Review

16 16 15) What marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War? ANZAC day Review

17 17 16) What is Waitangi Day? National day of New Zealand Review

18 18 17) What do Americans do on Memorial Day? Honour fallen soldiers Review

19 19 18) What is Independence Day? Birthday of the United States Review

20 20 19) In America, which holiday is considered to be a particularly important family holiday? Thanksgiving. Review

21 21 20) What is commonly eaten as part of the Thanksgiving feast? Turkey. Review

22 22 21) Why are their so many other holidays being celebrated by at least some people in the U.S. (things like: Hanukkah, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, etc.) ? Because the United States has many people from many countries living in it Review

23 23 22) Which holiday is an ‘invented’ holiday? Kwanzaa Review

24 24 23) What is Kwanzaa? a celebration for black heritage, pride, community, family, and culture Review

25 End of Holidays Review 25

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