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1 Computerised National Land Book of Latvia Ints Lukss Project Manager MikroKods Ltd.

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1 1 Computerised National Land Book of Latvia Ints Lukss Project Manager MikroKods Ltd.

2 2Overview u Factors facilitating development of the Land Market  The clear legal background  Financial resources available for mortgage loans  Transparency of the Registration system of real property ownership rights  Wide access to the data on real property  Data should be actual and with high level of trust u The main land and real property market development indicators are dynamics of transactions registered into National Computerized Land Book, including:  Sales contracts  Gift agreements  Mortgage contracts

3 3 Latvian National Land Book u Development steps:  1993. – introduced first computers within WB project  1995.-1998. – PHARE assistance project  22.10.1998. – Law on Land Books are supplemented with chapter “Computerised Land Book”  1999.-2004. – development and maintenance of National Land Book (NLB) by outsourcing services to the private company u Main principles:  Storage of the all Land Book data in central database (CDB)  Only data in CDB has legal force stated by Law  Only Land Books staff have read/write access to data in CDB  Separate Data Distribution System to provide Public access of Land Book information

4 4 Architecture of NLB Registration System Data Distribution System Central registration server Central Data Distribution Server Internet Information Server Land Book Offices (28) Owners and other interested parties Certificates and printouts Other State Registers Municipalities Public, registered and unregistered users Applications Data Replication Data checking Notification Internet Administration

5 5 Dynamics of Registration Source:

6 6 Internet Access of NLB u u Provides:  General information about Land Books and Real Property legislation  Authorisation of users  Searching on Real Property data for all territory of Latvia –On-line viewing and printing of legal Real Property data  Other services: notifications about new registration, manual telephone service, ordering of certificates etc. u Ensures:  Publicity of Real Property information  Transparency of land market activities

7 7 Available Information General Information: - legislation - legislation - institutions - institutions - services - services - prices - prices Legal information: - description of real property - description of real property - ownership - ownership - encumbrances and easements - encumbrances and easements - mortgages - mortgages Search property data by: - registration number - registration number - cadastral number - cadastral number - address - address - owner* - owner* - application* - application* Registration statistics: - by territory - by territory - by registration type - by registration type

8 8 Necessary Improvements u Simplification of users services:  Additional distribution channels  Working through agents u Integrated access other data sources:  Cadastral data  Spatial data  Business data u Support for data analyses and integration:  Statistical analysis and aggregation  Estimation of credit ratings  Decision support  Etc.

9 9 Additional Channels u Access of Land Book information from Hanzanet  Hanzanet user requests e-service “Land Book”  Hanzanet sends information about user to the NLB  NLB offers information searching service  When user asks the data about certain property, NLB sends payment request to the Hanzanet  User accepts payment request and have access to the Land Book information

10 10 Public/Private Partneship u Legal background:  Freedom of Information Law  Personal Data Protection Law  Law on State Information Systems  Land Book Law  Directive 2003/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 November 2003 on the re-use of public sector information u Cumbersome obstacles:  Monopoly on information and services  Competition between public authority and private sector  Legislative contradictions u Expectations:  Extended land information usage  Better services  New value added information products

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