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Tablet Shootout Presented By: Garrett Bahr, Austin Schwai, Travis Tilot.

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1 Tablet Shootout Presented By: Garrett Bahr, Austin Schwai, Travis Tilot

2 Overview Tech Specs: ▫ASUS Eee Slate ▫iPad/iPad 2 ▫Samsung Galaxy ▫Dell Streak 7 ▫Motorola XOOM Comparison Recommendation to purchase ▫Corporate use ▫Personal use

3 ASUS Eee Slate

4 ASUS Eee Specs and Capabilities Hardware ▫2.53 lbs. ▫12.1” screen ▫1280 x 800 display ▫Digitizer pen ▫2.0 MP camera Internal ▫2GB RAM ▫Intel Core i5 dual core processor OS ▫Windows 7 Home Premium Wireless Options ▫Wifi ▫Bluetooth

5 ASUS Eee Specs and Capabilities Storage Options ▫32 GB ▫64 GB after SSD add-on Web experience ▫Runs Flash and MS Silverlight ▫Youtube, Hulu, Netflix Battery Life  Approx. 4 hours

6 Review Pros ▫Large screen ▫Quick processor ▫RAM Storage ▫Windows OS  MS Office Compatible ▫Stylus pen Cons ▫Battery life ▫$999 ▫Big and heavy

7 iPad

8 iPad Specs and Capabilities Hardware  1.5 lbs. ▫Dimenions:  7.47” wide  9.57” tall  0.53” thick ▫Screen:  9.7”  1024 x 768 display OS and Apps ▫iOS ▫Apple App Store ▫250,000 and counting

9 iPad Specs and Capabilities Storage options ▫16 GB  $399 ▫32 GB  $499 ▫64 GB  $549 Wireless options ▫Wifi ▫Bluetooth ▫2G & 3G compatible Internal ▫1 GHz A4 processor ▫256 MB of RAM (According to teardown) Source:

10 iPad 2 Very similar to first iPad ▫Same screen dimensions ▫1024 x 768 display ▫16GB starts at $499 New and improved ▫Dual core A5 processor ▫512 MB of RAM ▫Front and back cameras ▫10-hour battery life ▫Smart cover  Source:

11 Review Pros ▫Ease of use ▫Thin ▫Fast ▫Good battery life ▫Dual sided camera  iPad 2 Cons ▫OS has rough edges  Annoying notifications ▫Camera quality  iPad 2 ▫No Flash ▫Lack of customization Source:

12 Samsung Galaxy

13 Specs Cost: $500.00 Dimensions (W x H x D) : 4.76 x 7.48 x 0.47 Weight : 13.23 ounces Camera :Front and Rear Cameras Battery Life: 6hrs GPS Storage: 16 GB Carriers: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, AT&T Operating System : Android 2.2 Froyo ▫Plans to move to Android 3.0

14 Pros and Cons The GoodThe Bad More Compact Phone GPS 2 Cameras Flash Android OS not optimized for a large screen. No USB port uses Samsung’s connector No HD video recording

15 Dell Streak 7

16 Dell Streak 7 $450 7 inches Android 2.2 nVidia Tegra T20 – 1 GHz 3:26 Battery Life 800×480 Resolution 7.87 x 4.72 x 0.49 Weighs less than 1 lb

17 Dell Streak 7 Pros & Cons Pros ▫Lightweight ▫Fast processor ▫Cost ▫Flash Cons ▫OS designed for smart phones ▫Poor resolution ▫Terrible battery life ▫Awkward size for typing

18 Motorola Xoom

19 Motorola XOOM Cost $799 1.5 lbs 9.80 x 6.61 x 0.51 8:20 Battery Life Android 3.0 ▫Honeycomb Nvidia Tegra Dual - 1 GHz 1200x800 Resolution 1 GB RAM 32 GB

20 Android - Honeycomb Designed Specifically for Tablets New Action Bar ▫Changes Depending on Task ▫Browsing Tabs Still has some bugs

21 Speed & Battery Comparison

22 Interface

23 Motorola Xoom – Pros & Cons Pros ▫Fast Processor ▫Android - Honeycomb OS ▫High Resolution, 10.1 inch display ▫Battery Life ▫Flash Cons ▫Price ▫Weight ▫Positioning of External Buttons

24 Comparison Mobility  Samsung Galaxy Battery life  iPad 2 Processing Power  ASUS Eee Slate OS  iPad 2 UI  Motorola Xoom Storage  ASUS Eee Slate and iPad 2 Wireless Capabilities  iPad 2 Bang for Buck  iPad 2

25 Issues with Corporate Use Application, networking, systems and security architectures in place within many organizations are not designed to support tablets or other unmanaged devices on the enterprise network

26 Answers to Security Webroot ▫Protects your identity and personal information if your mobile device is lost or stolen ▫Blocks mobile threats before they can infect your mobile device, without affecting performance ▫Automatically safeguards your privacy

27 Recommendation iPad 2 Mobility Best bang for buck Wireless capabilities Corporate use Depends on preference General use  iPad 2 Gaming  ASUS Eee Slate or Motorola Xoom Personal use

28 Conclusion Questions?

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