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Portals. TREND There has been great interest in the Corporate Portals also called Enterprise Portals or Enterprise Information Portals There is definitely.

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1 Portals

2 TREND There has been great interest in the Corporate Portals also called Enterprise Portals or Enterprise Information Portals There is definitely much happening in this area-mobile included

3 Corporate Portals Digital Consulting Institute (DCI), Imaging and Document Solutions, and Intelligent Enterprise Magazine sponsor the Annual Portal Excellence Awards. These awards recognize customer portal solutions that provide significant and measurable business benefits, and that make innovative use of portal technology Awards were presented in two categories: Best Internal Corporate Portal and Best e-Business Portal

4 Internal Corporate Portal An internal corporate portal supports informed decision making by providing internal business users with a personalized and efficient Web interface to business content managed by intranet Web servers, business intelligence systems, office and document management systems, and front- and back-office applications

5 E-business Portal An e-business portal enables an organization to optimize its business operations and business relationships by allowing external trading partners, key clients, and business users to collaborate and share business content via a personalized Web interface

6 What counts? Business benefits and ROI Architectural design Innovative use of portal technology

7 WINNERS? Best Internal Corporate Portal: Ford Motor Company (Plumtree Portal) Best e-Business Portal: Herman Miller (TopTier Portal)

8 Portal software suppliers? TopTier (acquired recently by SAP) PlumtreePlumtree

9 Herman Miller Lets visit /

10 Lab assignment III Enterpulse, between other services, creates enterprise portal solutions that allow an organization to break through the clutter of irrelevant information and focus on what counts for competitive advantage. Please point to And find these portal solutions. – - A job postings portal that addresses the needs of both the job seeker and the employer – - A portal that provides information for more than 10,000 financial institutions –Robinson-Humphrey - A full-scale corporate site for an investment bank to communicate with its constituencies –Acordia - A full-scale intranet for an insurance company Perform an analysis of how each of these portal solutions contributes to the creation of competitive advantage.

11 Example Visit And take a tour

12 Example Visit

13 PRODUCERS Design, produce, and distribute products and services that meet customer needs

14 CATEGORIES OF PRODUCERS Manufacturers Service providers Educators Advisors Information and News services Custom suppliers

15 Portals Lets Check Blackboard site External Links On Portals and Software Business

16 Digital Infrastructure Providers

17 DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROVIDERS Creators Producers Distributors Users

18 Note The digital infrastructure has become embedded within the very fabric of how the firm creates, produces, distributes products and services Increasingly difficult to categorize any firms as pure-play high tech firms

19 NEW REALITIES Any model classification must include both the models used to construct businesses built on technology platform and the models used to construct businesses that deliver the technology infrastructure Uniting these two perspectives provides classification of emerging models that can guide both strategy formation and execution


21 CREATORS Web Designers & Creators Network Specialists Hardware Designers System Developers

22 PRODUCERS Manufacturers- Intel, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft Services- FedEx-DoubleClick, Custom Suppliers- Dell, Extraprise, Viant

23 DISTRIBUTORS Focused Distributors- Tech Date, C-Net, NECX, Ingram Micro Vertical Portals-, Please check, ORACLE, PeopleSoft, Baan Horizontal Portals- AOL, AT&T,

24 Direct-to-customer Lets visit CRUCIAL.COM

25 Infrastructure Portals Firms that provide consumers or businesses with access to a wide range of network, computing, and application hosting services Can be either horizontal or vertical

26 Differentiation Ask the following Does the firm provide gateway access to a complete set of network, data center, or web hosting services? Does the firm provide access to vertical application services?

27 HORIZONTAL PROVISION OF GATEWAY TO WIDE RANGE OF NETWORK (cable, voice, Internet), hosting services, and so on Examples ISPs--Roadrunner Cable Services, AOL Network service providers--AT&T Broadband, Sprint, Web hosting Services providers: HostPro

28 Revenue Access and maintenance fee subscription services transaction fees advertising

29 COSTS Data and network center operations software development maintenance marketing sales administration

30 VERTICAL APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDERS Hosts and maintains a software application enabling businesses and individuals to log in and conduct business online Examples Oracle’s Business Online suite

31 REVENUE Hosting and maintenance fees consulting fees system integration fees




35 TRENDS Lets go to nexprise nexprise


37 TRENDS Check GXS GE Global Exchange Services GE Global Exchange Services

38 TRENDS Check Online Services Online Services

39 TRENDS Check Global Source


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