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Registration Process Angela McNeill Student Progress Service.

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1 Registration Process Angela McNeill Student Progress Service

2 What is Registration? Registration is the steps that you need to take to make sure that you are properly recognised as a student at the University. Registration includes:  Agreeing to University regulations, terms and conditions  Making tuition fee payments  Confirming your personal details  Confirming your programme of study  Collecting your Smart card (to use University facilities)  Confirming your English language ability and making arrangements for any additional language training  Seeing your tutor/supervisor  Confirming any modules you may be studying  Joining the Student Union (if you wish).

3 Self Service Registration You will have received an email and/or Welcome Pack in the post.  The document contains details about how you register with the University for the start of your programme of study: To register you will need the following which has been provided :-  Your University Login Name  The password for University IT services (e.g. e-mail, the University network, etc.)  A separate password for the Student Self Service Portal (S3P), which will be emailed to your University email address.  Also provided is your University email address  To complete your registration, go to Full instructions tell you how to login to your University email, and what to do next.

4 Self Service Registration





9 Registration: Where? During Orientation and Welcome week  Kings Road Centre  Academic Help Desk  Computer Access  Finance  Smart Card Issue  Registration with a Doctor  Bank letters  Herschel Building  Your School / Graduate School

10 Registration: Language Assessment  Many new overseas students are required to take a free Language Assessment.  Gives you access to English Language support during your studies  Unless you have been exempted you must attend.  During Induction / welcome week, sessions are held on the Ground Floor, Lecture Theatre 3 Herschel Building.

11 Registration: Language Assessment DatesTimes Wed 17 Sept1500-1700, 1700-1900 Thurs 18 Sept1000-1200, 1300-1500, 1500-1700 Fri 19 Sept1000-1200, 1300-1500, 1500-1700 Mon 22 Sept1300-1500, 1500-1700 Tues 23 Sept1000-1200, 1300-1500, 1500-1700 Wed 24 Sept1000-1200, 1300-1500, 1500-1700 Thurs 25 Sept1000-1200, 1300-1500, 1500-1700 Fri 26 Sept1000-1200, 1300-1500

12 Registration: Financial Arrangements Many new students must go to the Kings Road Centre, to make financial arrangements (You can do this on-line !)  See Finance Office representatives  Take payment or sponsor letter  Arrange Installments  Several Different Payment Methods Cash-Bank Credit Transfer Direct Debit-Credit or Debit Card

13 Induction: In your School / Graduate School Follow any timetable of events that you may have received from your School / Graduate School about induction activities. If in doubt contact your School / Graduate School office. At your School/ Graduate School you will:  You may see your tutor/supervisor.  Confirm any Module choices.  Collect Programme Handbook  Attend Induction activities

14 Completion of Registration Take your printed form to King’s Road Centre. Your Smart card can be produced with a digital photograph. You will need to show your passport for ID purposes This means that you can start to use the library and computing facilities. The formal steps in the University’s registration processes should now be completed, but there may well be other induction activities that you need to take part in.

15 Bank Letter Requests If you do not have a UK Bank Account and you wish to open one you will need to have a letter of Introduction from the University. Bank Letter requests can be made at the Kings Road Centre. Your personal details such as name and term-time address must be correct on the self service record to produce an accurate Bank Letter

16 Registration 2006: Hours during Induction Registration week  At Kings Road Centre (Finance, Helpdesk, Computers,Smartcard, Doctors)  Wednesday 17 September0900 – 1700  Thursday 18 September0900 – 1700  Friday 19 September0900 – 1700  Saturday 20 September 0900 – 1700  Sunday 21 September1000 – 1600  Monday 22 September0900 – 1800  Tuesday 23 September0900 – 1900  Wednesday 24 September0900 – 1800  Thursday 25 September 0900 – 1800  Friday 26 September0900 – 1400

17  Thankyou!

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