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School of Nursing Student Grade Appeal Procedure Prepared by cgalang Revised fkhoiny 4/2011.

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1 School of Nursing Student Grade Appeal Procedure Prepared by cgalang Revised fkhoiny 4/2011

2 GRADE APPEAL PROCEDURE INTRODUCTION The student grade appeal procedure must follow the University policy (CSULB Policy statement 10-05 which was approved on June 2, 2010 and supersedes the Policy Statement of 99-16). The faculty and students may review this detailed policy in the current CSULB catalogue, or the Academic Senate Website. The policy can also be found at: policy/academic/numerical/GradeAppealProcedures.html policy/academic/numerical/GradeAppealProcedures.html The following diagrammatic presentation is to assist the student and the faculty as to steps involved with the grade appeal procedure in the School of Nursing. For detailed information please review the University Policy.

3 Preliminary Informal Phase Student C/O Final Course Grade Discuss grade orally or in writing with INSTRUCTOR Not resolved Initiate Formal Appeal Process Resolved

4 Initiate Grade Appeal Process Must be submitted within the first 40 instructional days immediately following the semester the course completed. Student prepares a file which includes : A written statement to School of Nursing (SON) Director describing the reasons for the appeal and recommendation for a new grade Obtain and complete the College Grade Appeal Request & Route Sheet from the Nursing Office Provide supporting documentations: class syllabus, examinations, class assignments, etc. SON Director consults with instructor & student Resolved Not resolved Go to Phase 1 If instructor refuses to participate, SON Director insert a letter in the Appeal File

5 First Phase Student requests in writing to SON Director to forward the Appeal to the School Grade Appeals Committee (SGAC). SON Director notifies Instructor and forwards the file to S.G.A.C within 10 instructional days S. G. A. C. Chair of S. G. A. C. Notify student & instructor of committee memberships Notify all parties of all responses & deadlines Provide copies of instructor’s response to the student Instructor may write a response letter Student & instructor shall have one preemptory challenge to remove a committee member. If a member is removed, S.G.A.C. has 10 additional instructional days for review. S.G.A.C. to use alternative members Notify the instructor of the formal appeal

6 Second Phase S.G. A. C. Determination Written Statements Explanation of Reasoning Responses to Specific Issues Decision placed in the student file Copy sent to student and instructor S. G. A. C. Determination of the grade if Appeal is granted Instructor changes grade (within 10 instructional days) SON Director may change grade If instructor refuses to change grade

7 Third Phase If the Appeal is rejected by the student or the instructor If student or instructor do not appeal within 10 instructional days Student or instructor file a written Appeal to the School Committee findings and requests further review Process terminated If either the student or the instructor files a written appeal to the S.G.A.C. findings, committee chair shall within 10 instructional days forward the file (including the committee’s decision & rationale) to the College Appeals Committee. P PreparedPrepared

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