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Citizen-Driven Comprehensive Planning for Small Communities Kirby Date, AICP Melissa K. Schneider, AICP.

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1 Citizen-Driven Comprehensive Planning for Small Communities Kirby Date, AICP Melissa K. Schneider, AICP


3 Comprehensive Planning: the Key to Balance Sets development and conservation goals in an organized fashion Plans for long-term financial stability Resolves tradeoffs up-front Provides for future logical, consistent decision making Legal stability: logical justification of decisions Sets a framework for implementation

4 Purpose of Comprehensive Planning To protect the public health, safety and welfare To ensure quality of life for future generations To continue biological diversity and processes To balance private needs with public good

5 Is It Time for a Comprehensive Plan or Update?  You do not have an existing comprehensive plan.  Your comprehensive plan is more than 5 years old.  Your zoning code is out of date or does not address existing and potential development demands.

6  A major change in development, population or funding has occurred or is planned for since the last comprehensive plan  Your existing plan does not build on the unique strengths, capabilities, or location of your community.  Your existing plan does not have measurable goals or priorities  Your existing plan has no vision

7  The natural environment has been threatened or degraded.  There is a sense that your community’s needs are not being met.  Your historic resources or community image are being affected by development.  Your economic base is slipping

8 Components Necessary for Planning CONSENSUS COMMITMENT CAPACITY CASH

9 The Role of the Public


11 Small Communities Planning Initiative Make comprehensive planning accessible and affordable Create sustainable communities that balance conservation and development Improve the capacity for making better planning decisions

12 Main Components of the Initiative Small Communities Planning Tool Kit Training Workshops Professional Technical Assistance

13 Citizens Role in Plan ConsensusCommitmentCapacityCash Traditional Citizen- Driven

14 Organization Chart Planning Commission or Township Trustees Steering Committee Citizens Committee Working Group Population, Economics & Housing Agriculture, Transportation & Land Use Infrastructure & Natural Resources Hist., Cultural, & Scenic Resources & Community Facilities Professional Assistance

15 Importance of Professional Assistance Community Facilitation Identification of Data Resources Assistance with Analysis Tools for Implementation

16 Steps to Creating a Comprehensive Plan PHASE 1: Research and Analysis of Existing Conditions – Where are we? PHASE 2: Creating a Community Vision and Goals – Where do we want to be? PHASE 3: Developing Action Strategies – How will we get there? PHASE 4: Plan Preparation

17 Timeline Administrative Organization & Plan Kick-off Weeks 1 – 2 Phase 1: Data Collection & Analysis Weeks 3 – 9 Phase 2: Visioning & Goal Setting Weeks 10 – 13 Phase 3: Action Strategies Weeks 14 – 18 Phase 4: Plan Preparation Weeks 19 – 28 123456789 101112131415 161718192021222324 25262728

18 Taking the Pulse of the Community Community Questionnaire Business Retention and Expansion Survey Interview with Key Stakeholders Community Open Houses Specialized Studies (e.g. Agricultural Survey)

19 Planning Elements Population Housing Economics Infrastructure Land Uses Agriculture Transportation Natural Resources Community Facilities Historical, Cultural, & Scenic Resources

20 Pulling It All Together Mapping Writing Draft Review Process Adoption Publicizing Your Plan

21 The Countryside Program Kirby Date, AICP, Coordinator 216-687-5477 Melissa Schneider, AICP, Consultant QUESTIONS?

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