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CDFI INSTITUTE February 25,2015. Who is US SIF? We are the membership association for professionals, firms, institutions and organizations engaged in.

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1 CDFI INSTITUTE February 25,2015

2 Who is US SIF? We are the membership association for professionals, firms, institutions and organizations engaged in sustainable and responsible investing in the United States. Mission US SIF advances investment practices that consider environmental, social and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact.

3 Financial planners Analysts Banks Mutual funds Portfolio managers Institutional Investors Researchers Foundations Community Investment Institutions Who are our Members?

4 Challenges in achieving greater community investments Different investor types have different return expectations, making it impossible to market a “one size fits all” community investing product; Investors lack knowledge about community- oriented investment products; and There is a shortage of community investment products that have the scale appropriate for larger institutional investors.

5 Increasing CI Investment Continue pursuing innovative community investment products in new asset classes for both institutional and retail investors in order to reach communities with real needs. Identify the investor type and tailor product to their needs, distribution channel and risk profile. Centralization of information and consistent messaging about impact and returns.

6 Contact Us: Lisa Woll CEO US SIF and US SIF Foundation

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11 CDFI Institute February 25, 2015

12 The information contained herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any security or instrument. All economic projections in this presentation are estimates that the Equity Trust believes are fair and reasonable based on the information available to it as of January 2015. Such estimates are not guarantees of performance, are subject to change at any time and are nothing more than good faith estimates as of such date. Legal Disclaimer

13 The Housing Partnership Network The Housing Partnership Network: Leads a business collaborative of affordable housing and community development nonprofits. Represents 100 of the nation’s leading developers, owners and CDFIs. Leverages peer exchange among members to fuel innovation and advance policy for the sector. Creates, capitalizes and manages social enterprises. Achieves scale while maintaining local reach and accountability. Employs private sector strategies to deliver mission results. The Housing Partnership Network is both the sponsor of and an investor in the Equity Trust

14 Equity Investment Opportunity  The Housing Partnership Equity Trust acquires and preserve affordable and workforce housing through joint ventures with its 12 nonprofit members.  The 12 members are all highly respected nonprofit operators and developers who share a mission to provide affordable housing. They collectively own over 60,000 apartment units with a value of over $3 Billion.  An investment in the Equity Trust leverages the substantial infrastructure developed by these members to generate a risk appropriate economic return and achieve proven and quantifiable social outcomes.  The Equity Trust is currently seeking additional equity investments from select investors. This equity will enable the Equity Trust to grow its portfolio and more fully build out its infrastructure in anticipation of a larger capital raise. Institutional investors want scalable, high impact investments led by a sponsor with a proven track record.

15 Structure MacArthur Foundation 66.6% ($10,000,000) Housing Partnership Network 14.3% ($400,000) 12 Non-Profit Members-Owners 85.7% ($2,400,000) The “REIT’s Parent” Housing Partnership Equity Trust, LLC The “REIT” Housing Partnership Equity Trust REIT I, LLC Ford Foundation 33.3% ($5,000,000) Prudential 100% ($17,000,000 Institutional Investors- pending ($50,000,000) Common Equity Interests of LLC Preferred Equity Interests of LLC Class A Preferred Units Class D Preferred Units Class B Common Equity Units Housing Partnership Fund (CDFI) Citibank/Morgan Stanley ($65,000,000- debt) Guarantor Borrower Compliance shareholders 100% ($62,500) Class C Preferred Units

16 Investment Process Members source deals; HPET provides capital and enhances execution capability Member Sources Deal Identifies opportunity in line with affordable housing mission and business strategy Member Approaches HPET Member seeks JV equity HPET Conducts Rigorous Due Diligence Seasoned HPET team evaluates deal for alignment with mission and business objectives HPET-Member JV Acquires Asset Typically 85% HPET / 15% member equity HPET Proactively Manages Asset Member undertakes day to day property management while HPET oversees asset management to ensure business objectives are met Long Term Hold JV typically plans to hold asset in perpetuity; occasionally, HPET sells its stake back to member

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