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Title of presentation in grey 15pt Date in grey 15pt Supported Open Learning Open University Business School.

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1 Title of presentation in grey 15pt Date in grey 15pt Supported Open Learning Open University Business School

2 Established in 1983 A leading international business school Over 17,000 MBAs to date Over 30,000 students per year 180 full-time staff 800 + Associate Lecturers

3 SOL – what is it?

4 Distance Learning - SOL Your Tutor YOU + Study Guide On-line Conferencing Tutorials Residential Assignments - TMAs Manager’s Study Guide CD-ROMS For self-testing Course Books Audio Resources Examination

5 The experiential learning process Concrete experience Reflective observation Active experimentation Abstract conceptualisation

6 How we work – Encouraging reflective learning (Double loop learning) Concepts Models Tools Techniques Experience Context Practice Peers & colleagues Tutor Group Student Tutor Course Resources

7 Central to the OU Business School’s operation: supported open learning 1)Course Team produced materials 2) “High touch” teaching with materials “given life” by practically experienced Associate Lecturers (ALs) 3)Immediate opportunity for application of course ideas in student's own work 4)Professional logistics & infrastructure for quality delivery at scale – drawing on wider OU facilities

8 Designing quality into courses and processes €1 – €2.7 million direct cost to produce a major course Course team with mix of academic, educational design and project management skills External scrutiny and developmental testing of all courses Associate faculty expertly recruited, inducted, developed and closely monitored Major investment in logistics and learner support

9 Quality assurance Peer review through course teams External assessor External examiner Results Ratification and Awards Classification Panel Monitoring of ALs Internal Review Committee (via IET): student surveys Internal Periodic Programme Review UK QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) External accreditation

10 Course Team perspective (production) Inception - dialogue with stakeholders (companies) Course Team formation Approvals – academic and business case Design of ‘presentation envelope’ Structured materials drafting process Quality checks - critical reading, developmental testing and external assessor Professional editor and media support

11 Course Team perspective (presentation) Production of teaching & tutor support materials Tutor recruitment, training and ongoing support Production of assessment materials Monitoring tutors Support learning Lead script marking and examination board Structured course evaluation

12 The student experience Course texts – the “seminar in print” Multimedia resources and online library Locally based associate faculty facilitate learning sessions – f2f or online (1:16 / 1:20 ratio) Scheduled assignments for 1:1 detailed feedback and sometimes collaborative learning Online conferencing + residential schools

13 Student experience is “high touch” Personal contact with Associate Lecturer Access to On Line Facilities: various forums Attend tutorials/day schools – f2f or online Scheduled assignments submitted & feedback received Attend Residential School – meet new students and faculty

14 Support & guidance services -hub –Course choice & career planning –Introductory/induction sessions –Study skill workshops and materials –Additional 1:1 academic support sessions –Self help groups –Cater for diversity, special needs, financial assistance –Examinations - local centres, revision sessions & advice in dealing with special circumstances –Graduation ceremonies

15 Starting points of OU Business School pedagogy Openness and accessibility Critical, reflective elements Personal meaning and application not ‘purely academic’ learning Diverse adult learners who may know more about ‘practice’ in their sector than the faculty

16 Central concepts Active learning (‘reading is not studying’) The reflective practitioner Dialogues The importance of context Real life experience and application

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