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Emily Snyder, William Darras, Stephanie Berger.  40Y 40Y.

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1 Emily Snyder, William Darras, Stephanie Berger

2  40Y 40Y

3  Cyber Bullying

4  Exposure to inadequate material  Sexual Material  Racial Material  Wikipedia

5 Posting Personal Information Online  Identity theft  Social networking  Facebook  Myspace  Dating sites

6  Exposure to spam and viruses  E-mails  Clicking on advertisements and other websites  Illegally downloading music  Using unknown cleaners  Downloading animations

7 Issues Continued  Chat rooms and Blogging  May lead to unwanted predators  Over half of 11-12 year olds visit chat rooms and one third of those kids visit private or adult chat areas  15% of youth have met an internet friend in person and most of them went alone

8  S.1047- Safe Internet Act: promotes internet safety education and cybercrime prevention initiatives and for other purposes

9  COPPA- Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act: websites that are prohibited from collecting information from persons under 18 without parental consent

10  Do not give out internet password to anyone

11  Do not give out personal information such as address, telephone number, name, location of school, etc.

12  Do not respond to any messages that are mean in any way and make you feel uncomfortable

13  Become computer literate and learn how to block objectionable material  Keep the computer in a common area where you can monitor the user  Share an e-mail account with your child  Block certain websites on school computers

14 Traits of Good Digital Citizenship  Preventing Plagiarism  Using Copyrights: giving credit where it is needed  Respect  Honesty  Responsibility  Self-worth

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