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Information and Publicity Requirements Kirsti Mijnhijmer, Joint Secretariat Lead Partner Seminar 24th March 2015, Svolvær, Norway.

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1 Information and Publicity Requirements Kirsti Mijnhijmer, Joint Secretariat Lead Partner Seminar 24th March 2015, Svolvær, Norway

2 Project Role  Project role in NPA communication strategy:  Projects form link between the NPA and citizens in the area  Projects produce tangible outputs that impact citizens  For this reason projects are expected to:  Follow EU & NPA publicity requirements  Develop mandatory communication tools in first 6 months  Promote their products and services to relevant audiences  Feedback to the programme level: examples of promotional materials, success stories, descriptions of (expected) outputs

3 Expectations for project communication  Internal communication:  Consider the information flow within the partnership, also with associated partners. E.g. in Partnership Agreement.  Important for Lead Partner role in monitoring progress  External communication:  Integral part of the project implementation from the start  Communicate about outputs (under development) to:  Envisaged end users  Policy makers, sectoral organisations, communities, businesses, etc.  Programme bodies, other projects, own partner organisations

4 Expectations for project communication  External communication (continued):  Put outputs at the centre of project communication:  Define the attributes of the product/service  Describe their viability/business potential  Communication about the partnership is of secondary importance  Target audiences:  Define (refine) your target audiences  Adapt your communication style to their needs

5 Expectations for project communication  A professional standard:  Your project communication speaks for the programme and the EU (and Non Member States)  Similar standard as other parts of project implementation  Get experts where needed and budget for them  Transparency and accountability

6 Communication adds value  Benefits:  Raised awareness among end users and target communities  Better coordination between partners and better management  Better project implementation  Better viability of the project outputs and therefore results  More political support and support from citizens to ensure a longer lasting impact of the project and more future support.  Attracting more match funding and outside investments from participating organisations and other stakeholders

7 EU publicity requirements (1)  Regulations:  Common Provision Regulation (EU) 1303/2013, Articles 115- 117 and Annex XII (section 2.2. responsibilities of the beneficiaries)  Implementing Act 821/2014, Articles 3-5 and Annex II (technical specifications for EU emblem)  Publicity requirements affect eligibility of costs:  Failure to comply may result in cost deduction!  The programme may even decide to apply a 2% penalty fee

8 EU publicity requirements (2)  All projects are responsible for informing the public about assistance received from ERDF  All information and publicity measures must include: 1.The European emblem, together with a reference to the European Union 2.A reference to the fund: “European Regional Development Fund” The size of the EU flag shall be appropriate to the scale of the material. For small promotional objects, point 2 does not apply. On websites, the EU flag visible without scrolling down. The EU flag should be the same size as other logos.

9 Programme publicity requirements (1)  The use of the NPA logo together with the EU flag  Mandatory communication tools (first 6 months):  Project website, as part of the programme website  Brief description, objectives, target groups, expected and reported outputs, and relevant images and materials.  Project logo  Promotional materials for conferences, seminars, exhibitions  Project presentation in PowerPoint format  Poster about the project (minimum size A3)  including the financial support from the European Union, at a location readily visible to the public

10 Programme publicity requirements (2)  Budget for attending NPA events  Expected attendance at NPA events during the project lifetime:  Lead Partner seminars (once a year)  Partner seminars organised in each of the partner countries (once a year)  One thematic seminar  One additional training seminar

11 Further guidance  Programme Manual section 3.6  A communication toolkit for projects, including templates and guidelines for the use of the NPA 2014- 2020 visual identity is currently under development  Regulations  Potentially training seminar on communication

12 Thank you for listening!  Kirsti Mijnhijmer Secretariat Tel.: +45 3283 3784 E-mail: kirsti.mijnhijmer@northern 

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