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Looking ahead to school year

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1 Looking ahead to school year
[Harriet Tubman] Looking ahead to school year

2 Agenda Strategic Budgeting Process School Goals for 2015-2016
Essential Features Of Our School Revenue Sources Expenditures: How Schools Spend Revenue Where Are We Going? Our Students and Staff One Newark Enrolls Family and Community Engagement Q & A

3 Things to Keep in Mind Strategic Budgeting Process
Student outcomes are at the heart of every prioritization and allocation decision Data should drive the determination on how to best allocate funding to meet student needs

4 School Goals for 2015-2016 All students will achieve academic success.
What are our school goals for SY ? All students will achieve academic success. All students will score at or above grade level in literacy and math on the A-n et District Assessment. All students will score at or within 5% of all network schools in math and literacy on the A-net District Assessment. Educational opportunities will meet the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. Students will engage in activities to promote higher level thinking skills and develop skills for real-world applications. Interventions will be provided for students struggling in literacy and math. Students will receive character education instruction Parents and community members will be actively engaged. Promote and foster positive relations between school, parents, and community Provide opportunities to enhance family support for student success. The district will maintain the same focus from in on three areas: academic rigor development of school-based teams teaching students non-academic skills and habits

5 The Essential Features of Our School
Increase the use of technology to support the upcoming PARCC Assessment. Opportunities for Small Group Instruction using technology supports. Ensure that the Performing Arts are sustained to support learning with specific link to ELA. To ensure the social, emotional, and academic well-being of students and staff. To strengthen home school connection and community partnerships that support college and career readiness. To strengthen student-student and teacher-student relationships through the implementation of Character Education. Provide students with interventions they need in the classroom in order to demonstrate growth on grade level skills

6 The Essential Features of Our School: Special Education Pathway
Inclusive Supports-Indirect Services – This program provides consultative supports to general education teachers so they have the tools to meet the unique needs of students in general education classrooms. Integrated Co-Teaching – This program provides model of Integrated co-teaching with general education and a special education teacher working collaboratively in the class, with the ability to provide whole group and small group instruction. This program provides supports to students whose disability significantly impacts academic achievement. Inclusive Supports-Direct Services – Students who receive these services are educated primarily in the general education class and have the ability to spend some of their time out of that class receiving direct services from special education staff. Transitional Self – Contained – This service starts students in self-contained settings with the goal of moving into general education.

7 Revenue Sources State Aid: The General Fund is primarily comprised of State Aid. Funding from a local tax levy is also included. The General Fund funds most Central Office and K-12 school-based expenses. One-time Revenues: Funds that are not reoccurring (e.g., building revenue). Grants and Entitlements: There are significant restrictions on the spending of these funds. Mainly comprised of Pre-K Also includes federal funding in the form of Title I, Title II, Title III (bilingual) and IDEA

8 Expenditures: How Schools Spend Revenue?
The Weighted Student Formula (“WSF”) is used to allocate funds to schools. WSF helps us to achieve our ultimate goal of college readiness for all students by distributing dollars equitably across schools based on the needs of the individual student no matter which school he or she attends. Dollars follow the student to each district school he or she attends, without hurting any schools. 95% of school budgets are spent on salary and benefits. Allocating more dollars to schools with students in need of the most support, such as schools with high numbers of Special Education students and low performing students. School-based Services School-based services are priorities that are budgeted for centrally but are school-based expenditures (e.g., custodial services, transportation, and special education).

9 Where Are We Going? Our Students and Staff
Current School Year Next School Year Enrollment 319 347 Special Education Students 59 80 Budget 2,834,129 3,295,495 Full Time Instructional Employees (FTEs) 25 27 Our budget is based on our number of students and their needs This ensures students are funded equitably, regardless of which school they attend The above enrollment numbers does not include pre-kindergarten

10 Positions to Support Student Growth
New Positions Two Academic Interventionist positions School Operations Assistant Read 180/ Language Arts Teacher Computer Teacher Returning Positions Guidance Counselor Math Coach Literacy Coach

11 Where Are We Going? One Newark Enrolls
When will I learn about my Round 1 school match? You will be notified the week of March 30. A letter will be mailed to the address you provided on your application. Families who applied online will also be able to see their school match by logging into Families can also find out about their match outcome from their current school. How do I accept my school match? Students who are matched to new schools for the school year should register at their new school. Registration information will be included in your match letter and online at Students who are matched back to their current school and want to remain at their current school do not have to do anything. However, your current school may reach out to you to confirm that you will be attending. Students who are not matched will be able to participate in the Round 2 application process (April 27 to May 8). If I did not apply, will my child receive a school for ? All Newark students are guaranteed a school for the school year. Students who did not apply in Round 1 can apply during Round 2 between April 27 and May 8.

12 If you would like additional budget information, please visit the Newark Public Schools Website.
Thank you! Q & A

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