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What do tutors look for in written assignments? Effective Learning Service.

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1 What do tutors look for in written assignments? Effective Learning Service

2 Four Main Expectations of Tutors 1.Logical approach and clear structure 2.Effective use of sources 3.Sound reasoning, argument and analysis 4.Good presentation

3 1.Logical Approach and Clear Structure The tutor will look for evidence of planning and organisation of material in the assignment A good indicator of this is in the way the assignment is structured The tutor will look for a cascade of ideas: each paragraph or section focuses on a particular topic area, with a logical flow of ideas from one paragraph or section to the next.

4 2.Effective Use of Sources Tutors look for evidence of selective, relevant and independent reading on the topic - this may mean going outside the recommended reading list Accurate referencing of sources used as evidence is important

5 3.Sound Reasoning, Argument and Analysis This usually involves two levels of engagement with the subject: descriptive and analytical Descriptive: clear understanding of main theories, ideas, models or practices Analytical: going deeper into the topic, by, for example, looking for flaws in arguments, exceptions to the rule, and awareness of counter-arguments. It also about explaining and justifying any position you have taken in an assignment

6 4.Good Presentation The assignment looks good It is free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. The authentic voice of the writer emerges (style of writing); it is impossible for this to happen if students ‘copy & paste’ their way through their assignments

7 …and most important of all: Has the student engaged with the set topic or question? The most common fault in assignment writing is not focusing on, and engaging with, the set topic.

8 Applications of theories of quality management and tools for quality improvement to the anti-social behaviour management service of a Registered Social Landlord

9 1 – 5Introduction Defining Quality 6-7 Inconsistent service delivery inhibits use quality theory. 8-9Different customer perceptions inhibit use of quality theory. 10-11Current use of hard data only to evaluate quality of ASB service, so suggested model for ASB quality evaluation. 12-13Current attempts to use this and improvements to that.

10 Why Connect should be concerned about quality 14External regulation 15-17Competition theory and lack of relevance to Connect 18So, imperative of external regulation Costs of failing 19Theory / reality re defect costs 20TQM costs model applied to ASB criteria

11 Difficulties of delivering quality 21-22Theory for service organisations (v. manufacturing). 23-24Problems with customer expectations and perceptions – theory and practice. 25Special requirements for service quality implementation.

12 Measurement of quality 26-27 Need to separate service elements and a theoretical model for this, applied to ASB service. Quality Control 28-29Problems with current policy and need for new approach 30-31Possible solution and potential benefits

13 Quality improvement 32Tools currently used 33 – 36Current benchmarking and need for further consolidation 37 - 39Further tool – Poka-Yoke. Benefits and risks. 40 – 41Conclusion

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