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2015-2016 Special Education Accountability Reviews Let’s put the pieces together March 25, 2015.

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1 2015-2016 Special Education Accountability Reviews Let’s put the pieces together March 25, 2015

2 Purpose of the review The primary focus of the department’s monitoring activities shall be on: 1)Improving educational results and functional outcomes for all children with disabilities; and 2)Ensuring that states meet the program requirements under Part B of the IDEA, with particular emphasis on those requirements that are most closely related to improving educational results for children with disabilities. ARSD 24:05:20:18.01

3 Which Districts Are Reviewed? Currently districts / agencies are reviewed once every four years. Districts / agencies are also reviewed for the following reasons: 1)The district had a complaint or Due Process in the past year. 2)If the district did not meet state targets on State Performance Plan (SPP)

4 Review Process Overview Announcement Letter Pre ‐ site Activities On ‐ Site Activities Corrective Action Plan Closing the File

5 Announcement Letter An announcement letter will be sent to each district/agency indicating they will receive an on-site or off-site visit during the upcoming school year.

6 Pre ‐ site Activities Team Leader will send an email to make initial contact to the District Superintendent and Special Education Director – the district’s primary contact person will be established Schedule letter – delivered via email and hard copy  Confirms the On ‐ site review date(s)  Schedule of Review Day(s)  Identifies the Review Team Members

7  Child Count Verification The team will verify your December 2014 child count. Please make a copy of the front page of each IEP from the December 2014 child count. Remember the IEP needed is the one “in effect” on December 1, 2014.

8  Data Team lead will provide districts with a copy of the data being reviewed prior to on-site review. Discuss any issues with district contact person. (Note: It may be in coordination with SPP Coordinator)

9  Highly Qualified Staff The team will review the certification and job duties of district staff.

10  Secondary Transition A pre-site transition letter with information pertaining to the number of transition files needed for the on-site review by category of disability.

11  Comprehensive Plans Local education agency comprehensive plans – Contents. Each local education agency must have a current comprehensive plan approved by the school board on file with the district superintendent or designee. Documentation supporting the implementation of the local school district's comprehensive plan shall be maintained by the district for review by Special Education Programs staff during onsite monitoring visits. Districts shall update comprehensive plans consistent with § 24:05:21:01.02 and recertify their content annually. ARSD 24:05:21:01 Prior to on-site review the district will need to submit the most updated comprehensive plan to the team lead for review. If a compliance issue is identified and new policy procedures are required, they will require it in the comprehensive plan

12 On-Site Activities

13 Entrance Activities Entrance Conference Participation in the entrance conference is left to the discretion of the district administration. We welcome all participants. Introductions and Overview of the day Confirm location of copier Review Team Meets

14 Staff Interviews Team members will conduct interviews with principals and general education teachers This year’s focus was on the referral process and suspension The team leader will also meet with the Special Education Director to review the district’s policies, procedures and practices.

15 General Supervision File Reviews Student files from the 2014 child count must be available to the review team. All Special Education Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, and Speech Pathologists will have files reviewed. Student files will be selected by the team leader from each special education teacher’s caseload and as a representative sample of Disability Categories Technical assistance will be provided to the district special education staff through the file review process.

16 State / District Assessment Accommodations The team will be looking at accommodations provided during State/District assessment. If the documentation needed by the team is not available in the files reviewed for general supervision, additional files will be selected.

17 Indicator 13 Pre-site will include specifics for the district. Representative Sample of Disability Categories Minimum 2 files per teacher of transition aged youth. Each transition teacher will show evidence of inviting outside agency. Sample transition letter

18 Private School Only for districts with private school in district boundaries. Review the consultation documentation. Pull two files based on 2014 Private School Child Count 1 files will be receiving services. 1 file of student not receiving services.

19 Fiscal If district budgets in IDEA Federal Funds Application purchasing of equipment for student or classroom, reviewers will follow up.

20 Exit Activities Review Team Meets to compile Information Exit Conference The team will meet with the staff to review the findings. Final determinations of non-compliance will be made by Special Education Programs. Participation in the exit conference is left to the discretion of the district administration. We welcome all participants.

21 Corrective Action Plan

22 Corrective Action Plan (CAP) OSEP Memo 09 ‐ 02 identified two federal requirements: Prong 1 Fix the file in which non ‐ compliance was identified Prong 2 District provide additional documentation as evidence of continued correction of non ‐ compliance

23 CAP Timeline A copy of the Accountability Report will be sent both via email and hard copy within 30 days from the on-site review. Prong 1 (60 days) Individual files requiring immediate correction Prong 2 (1 year timeline starts from report date) Additional IEP documentation and/or update policy, procedure, and practice. ARSD 24:05:20:20 Note: If not completed in a timely manner, sanctions could be applied. ARSD 24:05:20:23

24 CAP Reports Public Report Lists the ARSDs that are in non-compliance Posted to the State website until CAP is closed District Report Prong 1 Student/Teacher Non-compliance issue What needs to be submitted Prong 2 Requirements to show continued compliance

25 The team leader will provide technical assistance to the district throughout the corrective action phases. Appealing the CAP We encourage districts, if you feel an error was made, please put your appeal in writing along with reasons why and submit to the office for review.

26 Closing The File When all the Prong 1 and Prong 2 corrections are finalized, the CAP will be officially closed. The team lead will notify the office. A letter stating that all items of non-compliance have been met will be sent to the superintendent and special education director.

27 Rescheduling due to weather The team leader will: Notify the District Superintendent and team members Establish potential dates to reschedule the review Coordinate the reschedule date

28 What Can Districts do to Prepare for Reviews - Right Now? Notify your special education staff Make copies of all the IEP cover sheets that will verify the 2014 Child Count Create a list for each staff member of initial and re-evaluations completed by each one during the 2014-2015 school year.

29 Thinking about the Future If you always do what you always did, You will always get What you always got. ~Albert Einstein

30 File Review Procedures New this year: One file review with sped teacher, general education teacher and administrator

31 File Review Form



34 PowerPoint will be found on Accountability Process link at accountability.aspx accountability.aspx Arlene Maxfield Special Education Programs 605 ‐ 773 ‐ 2594

35 Resources IEP TA Guide IEP Transition TA Guide, Indicator 13 checklist and TSLP contact information

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