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1 Pertemuan 01 Kabel Matakuliah: H0451/Praktikum Jaringan Komputer Tahun: 2006 Versi: 1/0.

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1 1 Pertemuan 01 Kabel Matakuliah: H0451/Praktikum Jaringan Komputer Tahun: 2006 Versi: 1/0

2 2 Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : Membuat kabel untuk jaringan komputer

3 3 Outline Materi Macam Kabel Kabel UTP

4 4 Cables Twisted Pair The type depends on: –no. of pairs –no. of twists per unit length –gauge of the wire –type of insulation Shielded Twisted Pair (STP): –expensive –higher data rate –easy to work with

5 5 Un-shielded Twisted Pair (UTP): –low cost –lower data rate –limited length –easy installation –flexible configuration (when star wired) –supports many LANs and voice communication in the same cable type –easy fault isolation Cables

6 6 UTP Categories: –Category 3 Up to 16 Mbps used for 10baseT Ethernet & 4 Mbps Token Ring –Category 4 Up to 20 Mbps used for 16 Mbps Token Ring –Category 5 Up to 100 Mbps 100baseT Ethernet Cables

7 7 Other LAN Media Infrared modulated infrared signals passed through open space Laser beam modulated laser beams passed through open space Microwave high frequency radio waves passed by line of sight transceivers Radio earlier low speeds (9.6 - 230 kbps) - now 2- 10 Mbps used for mobile LAN stations when cabling is not possible Media

8 8 Connectors UTP: –RJ-11 (6 pins) –RJ-45 (8 pins) pin-outs will differ according to LAN type Thin Coaxial(10base2): –BNC (BayoNet Connector) –Terminator 50  Thick Ethernet (10base5) –Transceiver –Attachment Unit Interface(AUI) < 50 

9 9 Interfaces AUI – Attachment Unit Interface Medium independent attachment for 10 Mbps media systems MAU – Medium Attachment Unit MDI – Medium Dependent Interface MII – Medium Independent Interface GMII – Gigabit Medium Independent Interface TBI – Gigabit Ten-Bit Interface To accommodate 8B/10B signal encoding in Gigabit Ethernet if 1000 BASE X is used GBIC – Gigabit Interface Converter Hot swappable Media signaling components are contained

10 10 Baseband Cable Types UTP – 10 BASE T –Voice grade cabling –RJ-45 jack used –100m maximum –300mV signal squelch level (to eliminate cross talk signals) but after 100m, due to attenuation, data signals also will go below this –100  impedance (in some implementations 120  )

11 11 100 BASE T –unshielded or shielded (for Token Ring) twisted pair –100m, 100 , RJ-45 jack –40 pin MII connector also may be used with an external transceiver (not commonly used) –data is scrambled to eliminate electro- magnetic effects Baseband Cable Types

12 12 100 BASE FX –40 pin MII may be used –if transceiver is built-in, fibre optic can be directly connected –Non-Return-to-Zero, Invert-on-Ones (NRZI) encoding is used –Peek optical transmission power is 200- 400  W for 62.5/125  m fibre –No data scrambling needed –Two strands of multi-mode fibre optics are used for Tx and Rx Baseband Cable Types

13 13 1000 BASE T –Gigabit Ethernet twisted pair –UTP all 4 pairs are used – requires CAT-5 or higher quality cables –Each pair has Tx and Rx wires (total of four Tx and four Rx wires in a cable) hence total of 8bit at a time 125 Mbaud achieves 1000 Mbps –A combination of signaling and encoding is used to achieve the speed –Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is used to handle cross talk echo cancellation near end cross talk (NEXT) cancellation far end cross talk (FEXT) cancellation signal equalization for distortion compensation Baseband Cable Types

14 14 1000 BASE X –Gigabit Ethernet for fibre optic –SX – Short Wave Length Most widely used Less expensive Short distance Inside buildings –LX – Long Wave Length 500 m long haul version – 10 km extended reach version – 70-100 km –CX – Short Copper Jumper 25 m maximum used for linking equipment in computer rooms, racks etc. Baseband Cable Types

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