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Academic Advising Center.  Understand why you were academically disqualified  Review CI policies  Open University  Calculate what it will take to.

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1 Academic Advising Center

2  Understand why you were academically disqualified  Review CI policies  Open University  Calculate what it will take to get reinstated  Strategies to help you be academically successful

3  Students are academically disqualified, if their CI and/or CUM GPA falls below the following: (after having been on academic probation previously)  As a freshman (29 units or less) - 1.50  As a sophomore (30 – 59 units) - 1.70  As a junior (60 – 89 units) - 1.85  As a senior (90 + units - 1.95 Student dropped from classes; no longer continuing student

4  Course Grade Appeals  6-step process - must be initiated within the first seven weeks of the following semester  If a grade is found to be in error, and it changes academic standing, you may be reinstated with disqualification removed  If grade changed due to late assignment turned in after grading, contact for further information

5  Retroactive withdrawal (for the semester in question)– will need to file a Petition for ExceptionPetition for Exception  Medical  Family death  Other documented circumstance

6  To be considered for reinstatement, you must demonstrate academic ability by completing additional coursework at CI, eliminating grade-point deficiency.reinstatement  Your cumulative and/or CI GPA must be at a minimum 2.0 GPA to be considered for reinstatement.  Must remain outside university for one regular semester (fall or spring)  Petition for Reinstatement must be submitted by published deadline.

7  To improve CI GPA  Must take classes through Open University at CI.Open University  Not eligible for financial aid  Add classes the first day of class using open enrollment form  Fee is per unit (currently $270; $330 for summer – check website for updates)website  Have 2 weeks to add or drop classes

8  If you really want to return to CI: you may consider working to save money, and then attend open university  Don’t want a break from school or don’t live near CI: you may attend your local community college, meet with a Transfer Counselor, and then apply to another school

9  All attempted units in which you received an A, B, C, D, F, IC, WU, etc. are factored into your GPA.  If you took any courses for CR/NC (i.e. Math 94, Math 95 or Math 399) or received an “I”, these are not factored into your GPA or attempted units.

10  Letter grades are assigned grade points. To calculate your GPA, take your total grade points and divide by your total units attempted. Example: PSY 2133 unitsC-5.1 grade points HIST 2703 units B-8.1 grade points SOC 1003 unitsD3 grade points PSY 3173 units C+6.9 grade points Total attempted units 12Total grade points 23.1 23.1 grade points divided by 12 attempted units = 1.92 GPA

11 To calculate your GPA take the total grade points and divide by the total units attempted Retrieve CI Transcript >CI Records >Student Center >My Academics

12 Current Academic Summary, shows your overall cumulative and CI GPA(s). Make note of the GPA that is the lowest. Click on View my unofficial transcript, then **Unofficial for Advising**

13 You will need to identify your total attempted units. Your total attempted units are on the term totals/cum totals column; make note of the red arrow.

14 You will be filling out the Disqualification Semester Action Plan as you review the rest of this PowerPoint. Check off the factors that affected your academic work last term Identify your attempted units and GPA on transcript & My Academics

15 The following 3 slides explain how to find the aforementioned – separated by 2 groups of students (refer to the one that applies to you)  Group 1 – you have only attended CI or your overall cumulative GPA is deficient  Group 2 – you have attended another school and multiple semesters at CI, and your CI GPA is deficient

16  Your attempted units are located under the CUM TOTALS (ex. 68 attempted units)  If you have taken a CR/NC class (excluding Math 94 or Math 95), deduct it from your attempted units total  Your CI/CUM GPA will be noted next to CUM GPA (ex. 1.58)

17  You will need to add the attempted units located under the TERM TOTALS for every semester you’ve attended CI [ex. 7 + 10 - 1 (CR class) = 16 attempted units  If you have taken a CR/NC class (excluding Math 94 or Math 95), deduct it from your attempted units total  Find your CI GPA in My Academics “Current Academic Summary”

18 The Current Academic Summary can be found in the My Academics link in your Student Center.

19 1. Enter “Desired GPA”: 2.0 2. Enter your “Current GPA” 3. Enter your “Attempted Units (To Date)”: 4. Enter your “Total Units (This Semester”) {what you’ll take this excluding CR/NC classes}  Go to the CI websiteCI website  Under Search CI (top right corner)  Enter GPA Calculator Enter GPA Calculator

20  Once you enter Desired GPA, Current GPA, Attempted Units & Total Units, you will get the Average GPA needed to get off probation for this semester.  Enter this GPA (ex. 2.47) on your Disqualification Action under the Average GPA needed to reach a 2.0  At the bottom, it will show you the average grade you need to receive (ex. B- average)

21 If you will be repeating a class... 1.Choose the “Units” the class is worth 2.Choose the “Grade” of the class you are repeating 3.Then press calculate. *Repeating classes improves GPA faster

22  Change the “Total Units (This Semester)  Increase to 18, 21, 24  This will help you figure out how many classes you will have to take to reach a 2.0.  Make note of how many classes you’ll need to take on your Disqualification Action Plan.  Depending on what you can afford, it can take you a few semesters to reach a 2.0.

23  Quickest way to raise GPA (especially for F, IC or WU grades).  May repeat up to a total of 12 units at CI for grade forgiveness.  2 nd attempt (grade) will replace 1 st attempt.  Beyond 12 units, 12 additional units will be grade averaged into the GPA for a total of 24 units that can be repeated. This policy may only be used on grades of “WU”, “F”, “D-“, “D”, “D+”, “C-“ or “IC”.  This policy may not be used on grade of “C” or higher, “I” or failing grade as a result of academic dishonesty.  Individual classes can only be repeated once  Classes have to be repeated at CI for grade forgiveness

24  Required class in your major, and major requires “C” or better  You know you could be successful in the class, if you spend enough time studying or go to tutoring  You do not have to repeat the class with the same professor, (unless he/she is the only one who teaches the class)

25  You have changed your major  You will spend 50% of your time on this class – just to get a “C,” and would only have 50% of time left between your other classes  You are positive that you cannot pass said class even with extra tutoring  You have already repeated the class once

26  Academic Advising Center  The Learning Resource CenterLearning Resource Center  STEM Center STEM Center  The Writing CenterWriting Center  CI Writing Guide CI Writing Guide  Career Development Services Career Development Services  Student Health Services Student Health Services  Personal Counseling Services Personal Counseling Services  Educational Access Center/DRP Educational Access Center/DRP  Financial Aid Financial Aid  Housing and Residence Life Housing and Residence Life  Professors, Faculty AdvisorsFaculty Advisors  How to Study website How to Study 


28  Once you have a 2.0 minimum, you can submit a Petition for Reinstatement form.Petition for Reinstatement  Fill out the form by published deadline.  Attach a 1-2 page report/account of why you should be reinstated.  Explain – why you received deficient grades in all semesters at CI; what has changed since you were disqualified; how you have improved; and what you will do to continue good academic standing.

29 If you have further questions, email

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