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AIESEC Agenda: About AIESEC AIESEC in Finland Global Exchange Program Who we partner with? Next steps.

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1 AIESEC Agenda: About AIESEC AIESEC in Finland Global Exchange Program Who we partner with? Next steps

2 What is AIESEC? AIESEC has 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youth into globally minded responsible leaders. AIESEC in Numbers 110 Countries and territories 730 Local Offices 2,100 Universities 60.000 Members 16.000 International Internships 20.000 Leadership Roles 4.000 Partners/sponsors 470 Conferences annually 945,000 Alumni 60 years of experience

3 AIESEC in Finland Finland was one of the founding countries of AIESEC. Today AIESEC in Finland links 300 members at 18 universities and institutions of higher education in 6 cities around the country and provides more than 70 internship opportunities for Finnish members abroad and foreign members coming to Finland. Oulu Jyväskylä Lappeenranta Tampere Helsinki Turku

4 Why partnering with AIESEC? highly competitive international talent acquisition consistent global employer branding. AIESEC offers flexible and customized programs to provide talent that fits with your company’s culture and processes. As a partner of AIESEC, you will enrich your work force with globally mind young professionals, looking to make a difference in your company.

5 AIESEC Internship Programme Global Exchange Program – Access international students and take them on as interns to support your organizational needs and initiatives. Interns work full time from 2 to 18 months. Interns demonstrate a range of skills and impact by handling specific short term projects or working in a team on long term strategies. Solution for restrictive head count, building an international management pipeline and gaining insight on projects or strategies. Attract candidates from 110 countries via an efficient, centralized sourcing process.

6 Who is the AIESEC trainee? Candidate’s profile: Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Social Responsibility Emotional Intelligence Proactive Learning 10 000 current students and recent graduates of top bachelors, masters and MBA programs in 2,100 universities globally Speak more than 40 languages Diverse education background, from Economics to IT Have previous working experience

7 Services included: Pre-selection of candidates : Sourcing available top talent from a global pool Facilitating Reception & Integration Process (including VISA, accommodation, etc.) Provide cross-cultural skills, internship preparation and societal integration for the chosen students On-going support based on continuous communication and evaluation of the intern and internship ProfileMatchingRealization -AIESEC and the Company create the profile of the best candidate -AIESEC selects the most suitable 3-5 applicants from our global database -Company assesses and interviews the candidates and takes the final decision -AIESEC is in charge of the process of bringing the trainee into Finland AIESEC Internship Programme

8 Global partners National partners Who we partner with?

9 Our customers say… Our AIESEC trainees have contributed to the company with a fresh spirit from different cultures and a positive and open mind in dealing with their work. Since our company operates internationally in a new market, this has been a true asset. Iina Mustakallio, MORS Software Working with AIESEC offered us the opportunity to get competent human resources that are always proactive and willing to contribute to our organization. Mari Rauhala, Aalto Executive Education I have always been impressed by the skills and drive of our AIESEC interns. Since 2003, their can-do attitude, relentless energy and curiosity have been witnessed by many of our employees. Sylvie Laffarge Microsoft Emea Having personally worked with a significant number of AIESEC trainees and alumni in the past year, I have witnessed how they challenge existing organizational views, introduce new ideas and display relentless energy. Karel De Baere, PwC

10 Next steps Needs analysis – create perfect candidate profile based on JQ Prescreening Contract signing Candidates presentation

11 Contact information: Sofia Pohls AIESEC HH +358 505 489 128

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