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WBL on Learning Indonesian Title: ‘Rumahku’ (My home)

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1 WBL on Learning Indonesian Title: ‘Rumahku’ (My home)

2 Project Description This is a website of learning Indonesian for beginning and intermediate level of Indonesian. The target audiences are students learning Indonesian in High School or College or those who want to learn Indonesian independently. This website will be able to be used by learners independently or as reinforcement activities for students learning Indonesian as a course. The metaphor including the title of this website is ‘My home’. This website will give an idea to learners of Indonesian how people live in Indonesia while at the same time learning Indonesian in interactive activities.

3 Project Limitation For this particular project I will only build one room in the house which is the kitchen. The lesson will be about cooking. In this topic learners will learn new vocabulary of tropical fruits and vegetables that they might not know. They will learn how to cook using drag and drop exercises. They will listen to people’s instruction and follow it. They can create their own instruction and cook Indonesian food. Students will do interactive activities using pictures, words and sentences and if possible video.

4 Project Objectives learn new vocabulary of Indonesian fruits and vegetables learn the vocabulary of kitchen utensils learn some typical Indonesian dishes follow step by step instruction of making Indonesian dishes The objective of my website is for beginning and intermediate learners of Indonesian to learn Indonesian through some activities around the house. Due to time limitation, I’m going to only build the kitchen in ‘my home’ and the activities that learners will be engaged in this website will be cooking in ‘my kitchen’. After exploring the lessons and finishing the activities in ‘my kitchen’, learners will be able to:

5 Design Metaphor ‘My Home’ Why ‘My home’ as the metaphor? Cultural message = home is the center of life in Indonesia This metaphor is big enough for me to put more topics and activities in the future. I want to give my target learners the sense of belonging and comfort since they are going to visit a place they are familiar with, i.e. home. it’s quite easy for me to integrate some language focus that I want my learners to learn without explicitly teach grammar rules

6 Project Learning Activities Leaning activities are organized in three steps: 1.Tours of the room in the form of lessons: - Presentation: pictures, readings, sounds - Hot spots 2.Activities + feedback + clues as scaffolding (following instruction) - Matching exercises - Drag and drop exercises - Completion 3. Quizzes + feedback (creating instruction) - Matching exercises - Drop and drag exercises - Completion

7 Sitemap Home Page Living RoomBedroomBathroomKitchen Tour around the kitchen Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Etc. Activities in the kitchen Activity 1 Activity 2 Etc. Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Etc. Dining roomEtc.

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