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Smokeless Homes Smokeless Homes Goal Reduce the exposure to cigarette smoke in the homes of children with asthma.

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2 Smokeless Homes

3 Smokeless Homes Goal Reduce the exposure to cigarette smoke in the homes of children with asthma

4 Source: American Lung Association Why focus on children in the home? Involuntary exposure Children are still developing Airways are smaller Lungs are still developing Children breathe 2 to 3 times faster and take in more air Home is the most frequent place of exposure

5 What is secondhand smoke?

6 Breathing smoke from someone else’s cigarette or tobacco product Also known as: Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) Tobacco smoke pollution (TSP) Passive or Involuntary smoking

7 Where is cigarette smoke?

8 In the Home Clothes Furniture Curtains Carpet In the Car

9 Source: American Lung Association Adverse child health effects from cigarette smoke Asthma More severe symptoms New cases in children Bronchitis and Pneumonia 150,000-300,000 cases every year Ear Infections Coughing and Wheezing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

10 Source: American Lung Association Childhood Asthma Facts Nationally Leading Cause of Missed School Days Leading Cause of Hospitalizations 100,000 Children Each Year

11 Source: Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Childhood Asthma Facts Philadelphia Over 12% of children have asthma. Over 40% of asthmatic children live with a smoker Over 27% of smoking adults have asthma

12 Asthma Facts by Race PHMC’s Community Health Data Base (CHDB) 2002 Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey

13 What is Asthma?

14 Source: American Lung Association What is Asthma? Condition that interferes with your breathing by preventing air from flowing freely into the lungs

15 What Triggers Asthma?

16 Cigarette smoke Dust and Dirt Pet Hair Roaches Stuffed Toys Flowers Hair Spray Perfume

17 Name Asthma Symptoms

18 Asthma Symptoms Dry cough Shortness of breath Chest pain and tightness Whistling or wheezing sound while breathing or talking Fatigue / Tiredness

19 Source: American Lung Association National Academy of Science studies about cigarette smoke and asthma Confirmed cigarette smoke causes children’s asthma symptoms to worsen Children of smokers twice as likely to develop asthma than children of non-smokers 1/3 of pediatric cases related to cigarette smoke

20 How to protect children in the home In just three steps, you can protect your family from the dangers of cigarette smoke.

21 STEP 1 - Good Smoke only in one room Blow smoke out the window Talk with family about a smoke free home

22 STEP 2 - Better Never smoke near a child Never smoke in a car with a child Smoke only outside the home

23 STEP 3 - Best Never allow smoke in your home or car Never allow smoke around a child Quit smoking

24 Smokeless Homes Pledge “I, _____________, pledge to protect my family from the health risks of cigarette smoke by making my home and car smokefree.” Do the right thing! Take the cigarette smoke outside.

25 Benefits of a smoke-free environment for children Less severe asthma episodes Fewer visits to the hospital Fewer missed school days Decreased risk of developing asthma

26 Source: American Cancer Society Health benefits of a smoke-free lifestyle Increased lung function Decreased risk of a heart attack Decreased risk of a stroke Decreased risk of getting cancer



29 Contact: Smokeless Homes Program (215) 731-6150 This presentation has been brought to you by:

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