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PROGRAM MANAGEMENT OYAP PROGRAM CENTRAL REGION. WHAT IS A PROGRAM? Needs Program Objectives Input Activities Outputs Outcomes Short-term Intermediate.

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2 WHAT IS A PROGRAM? Needs Program Objectives Input Activities Outputs Outcomes Short-term Intermediate term Long term

3 THE NEED One of the long term priorities of the Ontario government is to: anticipate, respond to, and meet Ontario’s future trades sector labour needs – particularly through increasing the number of qualified tradespersons.

4 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES How does OYAP help MTCU achieve this priority? Helps by: increasing the number of secondary students exploring trades careers allowing students to gain training in an apprenticeship through a cooperative education program. Enabling students to explore and consider trades career paths as attractive, viable career options on a similar footing with other postsecondary programs. encouraging secondary school students to complete school and obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). OYAP also supports secondary school initiatives : the development and implementation of transition programs, and the expansion of cooperative education and work experience opportunities.

5 PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN EDU AND MTCU DSBs that receive funding to deliver OYAP are expected to demonstrate how they are using resources in an integrated fashion to support the achievement of both OYAP-specific as well as other secondary school initiatives regarding school-work transitions

6 ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Program Delivery Support Branch Guidelines of Program Issues regarding Program Administration for Province Updating of Employment Ontario Partnership Gateway Maintain Ministry standards and guidelines regarding Transfer Payment Program Central Region Local Office – Employment Training Consultant Main contact providing information regarding Program Field questions and concerns from the School Boards Following Ministry standards and guidelines regarding Transfer Payment Program

7 CENTRAL REGION CONTACTS ETC Main contact for questions and concerns regarding program Review/Evaluate business plans and reports that are summited Assists in seat purchase requests ETC should be copied on all documents Central Region Mail Box Location to Submit business plans, reports, and financial documents

8 BUSINESS PLAN New Due Date May 8, 2015 Main Areas Labour Market Student Participation in the program Activities: What activities are the DSB going to initiate to meet Labour Market needs and increase student participation? Funding How is the funding used to meet these objectives?

9 TRANSFER PAYMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OYAP program is a Transfer Payment Program. Audit & Accountability Requirements have been established for all Employment Ontario Programs.

10 Recipients have discretion over the use of their funds within the following parameters: Funds are allocated against an identified minimum participant activity level. Changes must be approved by MTCU prior to August 31, 2015. Recipient must not shift funds between budget lines (Schedule B) unless it obtains the prior written consent of the Ministry Mandatory budget line items: Student Support + Communications, Marketing, Special Events or Projects Administration Cost not to exceed 15% of the total budget OYAP funds cannot be used for travel outside of Ontario (Skills Canada), can be used only for Skills Canada Ontario. Communications, Marketing, Special Events or Projects: costs for promotional merchandise (pens, mugs, t-shirts, etc.) not to exceed 3% of the total budget. Capital Assets –funds cannot be used for major capital expenditures, such as the purchase or construction of facilities. In situations of co-location of Project with other programs and services, funds must only be used to cover costs directly related to the delivery of the Project; this must be managed by applying Project Accounting principles.

11 ADVISORY GROUPS Why are Advisory Groups important? Long term priority of the Ontario government is to anticipate, respond to and meet Ontario’s future trades sector labour needs Particularly through increasing the number of qualified tradespersons. The OYAP program was designed to assist with this priority. How do Advisory Groups Effect OYAP programs? They are a significant resource when planning OYAP activities Employers that form this group provide placements in apprenticeship occupations Advisory Group can provide local perspective of labour market conditions Apprenticeship is a sponsor based program and OYAP funding should be used to create or support such partnerships with employers

12 OYAP administration changes started in the 2010-2011 school year. These changes impacted the following areas: Introduction of the EOIS-APPR in DSBs; Collection of OYAP participant information and Reporting. These administrative changes allow for the following benefits: A more efficient communication between DSBs and MTCU; One database used by all DSBs and MTCU A consistent approach to registrations provincially Tracking of OYAP participants and registered apprentices from start of program to completion of apprenticeship Increased program accountability and better performance measures The Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) began offering services to its members and to the public in 2013. OYAP participants without RTAs are not required to become members of OCOT OYAP apprentices (i.e. OYAP participants with RTAs) are required to become members of OCOT, however they are exempt from membership fees while in OYAP OCOT is a separate organization and requires their own forms and membership application to be completed. Collection of OYAP Participant Information

13 DSBs are responsible for ensuring that the mandatory OYAP Application Form with Notice of Collection and Consent is signed by OYAP participants or their parents/guardians. The school board obtains the signed Notice of Collections and Consent forms from student participants prior to recording participation in the EOIS-APPR. Without appropriate sign-off and collection of these critical documents, OYAP participants cannot be entered into the EOIS-APPR. They cannot be included as part of any school board’s client participation statistics requested by the Ministry. In Central Region, monitoring was conducted during the month of May 2014. 50% of the school boards had no compliance issues with the files reviewed Common types of compliance issues identified:  Records were entered into EOIS without permission-either the application form was provided without participant signature or the form was missing the signature of parent  Some participants were entered into EOIS prior to signed permission dates on form Notice of Collection and Consent

14 REPORTS Areas of improvement Review of Reports (EOIS-APPR questions) Due dates Duplication on Reports

15 PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT Performance measures are a valuable evidence-based tool to assess the contribution of program ‘ outputs ’ to intended ‘ outcomes ’ and are used to: Support evidence-based decision-making and policy development; Help focus and align resources to support achievement of government priority outcomes, commitments and other areas of public interest; Monitor and assess program effectiveness in relation to achieving priority outcomes over the multi-year planning period; and Demonstrate value-for-money and accountability for resources in achieving intended outcomes and to assist in reporting on results achieved.

16 PERFORMANCE MEASURES In order to measure program progress and success it is necessary to track and understand approved performance measures: The percentage of : grade 11 and 12 students who enrol in OYAP OYAP students who “complete” (obtain their OSSD while maintaining status in OYAP) OYAP students who become registered apprentices during the program OYAP students who are still registered apprentices at graduation and have continued with their apprenticeship at least six months after graduation. Also to be measured: The number of employers providing student employment as registered apprentices at graduation Advisory Committee Activities


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