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Bud, Not Buddy Chapters 9-12.

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1 Bud, Not Buddy Chapters 9-12

2 Chapter 9 Why does the librarian recognize Bud?
Where is Bud trying to go? How long will it take him to get there? What does gory mean? Why was the Civil War so gory? The librarian gives Bud 2 things. Name them. According to Bud, how are ideas and seeds alike? How does Billy Burns make Bud’s idea about Herman E. Calloway grow like a seed? Why does Bud think his mother kept all of the things that are now in Bud’s suitcase? What are the names of the bands Bud thinks his father is in?

3 Chapter 9 The librarian recognizes Bud for coming with his mom and wanting books about the Civil War. Grand Rapids, Michigan. It will take 24 hours to get there. Gory – unpleasant, bloody, gross The Civil War was very bloody with many battles. She gives him a cheese sandwich and a book about the Civil War. Seeds and ideas start out small and they grow big. Billy plants the seed in Bud’s head by getting on his nerves and bugging him about his family. She kept the items because they were important to her and possibly clues for Bud to find his dad. Terminally Unhappy Blues Band and Gifted Gents of Gospel

4 Chapter 9 Figurative Language
Repetition Pg. 90 – “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!” Personification Pg. 92 – idea would’ve blown away with the first good puff of wind Alliteration Pg. 94 – mighty maple

5 Chapter 9 Activity In your writing journal… Pretend you are Bud. Write a letter to an important person in Bud’s life. Choose from the following people: his mother, Bugs, Herman E. Calloway, the Amos family, Deza, Mrs. Sleet, or Mrs. Hill. Think about what he would want to say to them. What experiences has Bud have that he might want to share with that person?

6 Chapter 10 Describe Bud’s journey through the countryside.
Describe the encounter Bud has with the man who saw him walking on the side of the road at 2:30 in the morning. What is in the box in the man’s car? Why does Bud think he is carrying this around? What happens at the end of chapter 10?

7 Chapter 10 Answers As Bud walks through the countryside, he jumps in the bushes to hide from cars that pass by him. He hears the sounds of bugs, toaddy frogs, mice and rats playing, and cats. He is getting more tired the further he walks in the night. The man stops his car and looks for Bud as he hides in the bushes. The man tries to get Bud to come out of hiding saying that it is no place for a young boy to be in the middle of the night. Then he offers food and a drink if Bud will come out. Human blood is in the box. Bud thinks the man is a vampire and needs blood to survive. Bud locks the car doors and drives the car off with the man chasing after him.

8 Chapter 10 Figurative Language
Rhyme Pg. 97 – howls and yowls

9 Chapter 10 Activity Complete the “After You Read” for Chapters 9 &10.

10 Chapter 11 Questions Why is the man carrying blood in his car?
Why does Mr. Lewis ask Bud if he was ever in the army? What does Mr. Lewis say to Bud right before he falls asleep? What does Bud do when the woman tries to shake him awake? What does Bud learn about his “family” while he pretends he is asleep? Who is Mrs. Sleet? Describe her. How does Mrs. Sleet’s son look at Bud when he joins them for breakfast? What deal does Bud make with the little girl at breakfast? Compare and contrast eating with the Sleets and Mr. Lewis with eating at the Home.

11 Chapter 11 Questions He is taking it to the hospital in Flint.
Mr. Lewis thinks Bud has been in the army because he always says “sir.” Mr. Lewis asks Bud to hand him one of the bottles of blood because he’s hungry (making fun of the idea of being a vampire.) Bud pretends to be asleep when the woman shakes him. Bud learns that his “dad” was married before marrying his mom and he has a half-sister that is already grown up. Mrs. Sleet is Mr. Lewis’ daughter. She is kind and wants to take care of Bud, tries to stop her father from teasing Bud, and talks A LOT. Mrs. Sleet’s son is staring at Bud trying to “size him up” and figure out why he’s at their house. If the little girl sang her song that she made up then Bud would have to answer one question. Eating with the Sleets and at the home they both eat at the same table for breakfast together. The two are different because at the Home you couldn’t talk while you were eating and at the Sleet’s house you could.

12 Chapter 11 Figurative Language
Metaphor Pg. 117 – Bud’s legs are two twigs Hyperbole Pg. 125 – talking Bud’s ear off

13 Chapter 11 Activity Create a timeline of Bud’s journey so far. Be sure to include important events IN ORDER. Include good details from the story. When you are finished, draw a small picture for each event that you put on the timeline. Must have 8 events

14 Chapter 12 Questions Why is his telegram short and choppy?
What happens as Bud and Mr. Lewis are passing the “Welcome to Flint” sign? Why are the Flint cops on high alert? What is a labor organizer? What is a union? Explain what is going on with the railroad workers. How is Bud starting to feel on page 140? How do you know? Why does he feel this way? What deal does Mr. Lewis make with Bud on page 141? Why does Bud want to talk with his father alone? What is a Ku Kluxer? Who is John Brown?

15 Chapter 12 It is short and choppy because you have to pay for each word. Keeping it short, you won’t pay as much. As they pass the sign a cop pulls them over. The Flint cops are on alert for looking for labor organizers that are working with the railroad workers on strikes. Labor organizer – people trying to get unions into the factories. Union – like a family, trying to make things better for all of the workers and their families

16 Chapter 12 The railroad workers are wanting a union and are organizing a sit-down strike to get one started. Bud is feeling nervous, because he’s going to meet his dad but doesn’t have all the answers to Mr. Lewis’ questions. Nervous that Mr. Lewis will talk to Mr. Calloway. Mr. Lewis agrees that he will hold Bud’s suitcase for 5 minutes while Bud talks to his dad privately. Bud wants to talk to his father alone so he can figure out if he’s his father without Mr. Lewis around. Ku Kluxer – member of KKK that don’t like black people John Brown fought against slavery and wanted more rights for black people.

17 Chapter 12 Activities “After You Read” Chapters 11 & 12

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