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The Catcher in the Rye By J.D. Salinger

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1 The Catcher in the Rye By J.D. Salinger
On-going Journal/Scrapbook Directions: On the right, you will need to respond to the chapter focus questions, and then on the left, add an appropriate photo or image. Save this template to your Google drive, and add to it as we read the novel. Once you have entered all of the required information, then feel free to jazz up the presentation with backgrounds, color, font, etc. Remember: No matter what you add to the presentation, it must remain neat, legible, and school appropriate!!

2 Chapter 1 How are observations of our surroundings an important way to understand our place in the world? Where do you “fit in” to your school? Clubs? Where do you feel most comfortable? Why?

3 Chapter 2 What depresses Holden? Why does he find these things depressing? How does Holden feel about phony people? Do you share his views?

4 Chapter 3 Why does Holden spend time with Ackley?
How does Holden really feel about Stradlater?

5 Chapter 4 Are people naturally good or bad at things? How much power do you have to alter your abilities? Can we trust Holden as a narrator? How does he interact with those around him?

6 Chapter 5 Why is Holden unable to write the composition about a place and instead chooses to write about Allie’s mitt? How is Allie’s mitt symbolic? How is Allie’s death symbolic?

7 Chapters 6-7 What does Holden’s altercation with Stradlater say about him? Why does Holden attack him? Who or what was Holden actually defending?

8 Chapter 8 Why does Holden lie so much?
Is Holden a hypocrite? Is he the type of person he despises? What makes him so different?

9 Chapter 9 Where does Holden fit in?
Why does he go to the Edmont Hotel? How does this new environment affect him?

10 Chapter 10-12 What type of person does Holden actually like?
Why are we polite? Why do we adhere to social norms?

11 Chapter 13-14 Why is Holden depressed? How does he view himself?
Why is Holden fixated on violence and suicide?

12 Chapter 15 Why is Holden a hypocrite?
How do our surroundings affect the way we think, grow, act? How does Holden gauge intelligence? Why can’t Holden stay in one place? How does experience affect one’s observations?

13 Chapter 16 How does Salinger use symbolism in The Catcher in the Rye?
How is the title symbolic? Why does hearing the poor man sing the line, “If a body could catch a body coming through the rye” make Holden feel better?

14 Chapter 17 Are Holden’s dreams realistic?
Why does Holden engage with people he doesn’t like? People he considers below him? Was Holden’s date doomed to fail? Why does he get so incensed when Sally doesn’t support his dreams?

15 Chapter 18 Why is Holden lonely? Is he ever able to feel less lonely? How? What is his view of human nature?

16 Chapter 19 What are Holden’s values?
What does Luce illuminate about Holden?

17 Chapter 20 How can the events in Chapter 20 be considered Holden’s lowest point? What is revealed about Holden in this chapter?

18 Chapter 21 Is Holden comfortable in his own home?
How does being with Phoebe affect Holden? How does Holden’s relationship with Phoebe embody his values?

19 Chapter 22-23 Why is Holden anable to be so honest with Phoebe? Why does he choose to be honest with her? Why does Holden get angry when Phoebe tells him he can’t like someone who’s dead?

20 Chapter 24 How does Mr. Antolini represent Holden’s feelings and experiences with adults? How are the events at the end of the chapter symbolic and indicative of Holden’s inability to find a peaceful and comfortable place? How can Mr. Antolini be seen as a “catcher in the rye?”

21 Chapter 25-26 How is Holden’s interest in the ducks a metaphor for himself? Why does Holden believe, “You can’t find a place that’s nice and peaceful because there isn’t any?” (204).

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