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SERVICE TAX software SAG INFOTECT PVT. LTD. Service begins here…

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1 SERVICE TAX software SAG INFOTECT PVT. LTD. Service begins here…

2 Gen Service Tax Our Gen-Service tax software which give you facility to prepare your service tax returns.with the connectivity to ACES login and uploading of return by software  Preparation of Form St-1,3,3A,4,5,6,7,TR-6,ASTR-1,2. including preparation of CENVET registers, Auto Interest Calculation.  Report of Pending or Filed ST-3 Return.  Summery of taxable services provided/received and tax there on  Import data from a bill or receipt by using GEN billing software.  Auto Service Tax Calculation.  Online ST-1 registration and amendment facility.  Various formats to File ST-3 Electronically. E-payment of service tax through GAR-7 challan and printing as  Auto Calculation of Service Tax Credit on Input Services as well as Capital Goods.  Miscellaneous useful information like all India Pin Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, List of TIN FCs, TAN/PAN AO Codes, Bank Branches BSR Codes, Service Tax Ranges, MICR Codes, IFSC Codes.

3 Gen Service Tax Service tax software.  We provide you all service tax related forms.  Blank forms are also available.  Reports and other miscellaneous information are also there.  You can take a Backup/Restore for your single client or complete data.  Tools option for making a password on your software.  SMS option for sending the messages to your clients through software.

4 You can insert new clients easily by clicking on import from ST 1 option, if it is already registered if not then you have to insert details manually for registration on ACES. Gen Service Tax

5 All available forms for e-filing are also there in our software and direct uploading of forms on ACES portal in various formats..1 e-return(excel),E-return(XML) and online e- return(direct feeding of data on ACES portal). Gen Service Tax

6 All type of e-forms are available in blank you ca format you can also take a direct.

7 Gen Service Tax By the help of report option you can generate the various reports. Registration details where you find out the details of your pending or applied registration reports. Your challan register detail with paid information. Your reports regarding ST3 return with its status or full summary detail. Your miscellaneous reports where you can find out your bills or receipt.

8  By the help this option you can take a backup/restore for the have a option to select the path according to your choice  You can also select those option through which you can take single client backup/restore & also a facility of complete backup/restore. Gen Service Tax

9 These options are provides you some useable function  Tools by this you can make a password on the software as a security purpose.  Settings by this option you can change the password or make a printing settings as well.  SMS facility which is a simple way to inform your client regarding for his returns status information.  Help option which guide you about the working of the software.

10 THANK YOU !!!

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